New Students FAQs

Welcome to our new students FAQs section. Here you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions by new students. Should you need any additional information please contact the team of the relevant section.

For general enquiries please contact the student information desk.

  • What should I do before starting my University programme?

    We have prepared a before you arrive checklist for you.

    Where can I find information about when and how to enrol?

    Our enrolment page provides full information on when and how to enrol.

    Do I need to attend a face to face enrolment and when do they take place?

    Yes, all on campus students are required to attend a face-to-face enrolment session. Please visit our enrolment webpage for detailed information on the enrolment process and when face-to-face enrolment will take place

    How do I get to the University and can I park on site?

    If you are attending the University, then please ensure you visit our Travel and Parking pages for more information on how to get to the University. If you are moving into halls, then you will be permitted to park on campus whilst you move into halls. Please contact the accommodation team to discuss your arrival.

    Halls Students

    If you are moving into halls, then you will be permitted to park on campus whilst you move into halls. Please contact the accommodation team to discuss your arrival.

    What is pre-enrolment?

    All students are invited to pre-enrol via email. Pre-enrolment is the process to check your details before you enrol. You will also need to upload a copy of photographic identification and a passport style photograph.  For more information, visit our enrolment page.

    What do I need to bring to enrolment?

    Please bring the following identification documents:

    • Photographic Identification
      • UK Nationals – Passport or Driving Licence (including provisional)
      • Overseas Nationals – Passport
    • Other Identification (e.g. bank cards, birth certificates, official letters etc) in case we need to identify you further

    (Note: if you are a UK national and do not have a passport or driving licence then you should bring official documents which will allow us to confirm your identity)

    Can I bring my family and friends to Enrolment?

    Yes, you can bring family and friends to enrolment however they will not be permitted to enter the enrolment areas. Family and friends are welcome to explore the campus or visit one of the catering outlets whilst you enrol

    What support is there for students with additional needs at enrolment?

    If you have a disability, medical condition, injury or other additional need that affects your mobility or ability to queue or manage crowded spaces, please contact ASSIST who can support you. Please contact ASSIST prior to arrival to discuss your needs.


  • What measures have the University put in place to protect against Covid-19?

    Our campus is safe and secure in relation to Covid-19. This includes implementing campus flow strategies (e.g. entry and exit points), cleaning, sanitisation points, signage and screening. It is imperative that all students adhere to government guidance and university requirements should you be studying on campus, living in halls or attending campus.

    I have symptoms so can’t attend an enrolment session

    UK Students

    If you are unable to attend a Face-to-Face enrolment session because you are in quarantine or self-isolation then you must not attend a face to face enrolment session until this period has ended. We would still like you to engage with your studies and welcome and induction sessions therefore please complete pre-enrolment (including uploading of photographic identification) and then email (please put ‘Remote Enrolment Request’ in the subject) to request that we process your enrolment remotely. Once you are able to attend the University (e.g. after your self-isolation has ended) then you must then attend a face-to-face enrolment session

    International Students

    Due to the ongoing difficulty with international travel we will be remote enrolling international students who complete pre-enrolment and have no outstanding blocking issues. Please read the emails which will be sent to you and the International Students Getting Started guide for full details on the enrolment process.

    Once you arrive in the UK (and have completed any self-isolation requirements) you will then need to attend an enrolment session

    I have started my course but I now need to self-isolate. What should I do?
    • Do not attend face-to-face teaching sessions if you have symptoms and/or are self-isolating. Please contact your Personal Tutor or Programme Leader to discuss how you can engage with your studies during this time.
    • If you have moved into halls and have symptoms and/or are self-isolating then please contact the Residential Life team to discuss how we can support you during this period.
    • If you have symptoms, are self-isolating then please do not attend campus (e.g. to attend the library, use facilities) until your self-isolation has finished.
    Watch our welcome video from the Director of Estates and Campus Services Becky Bradshaw.

  • I am an international student. When do I enrol?

    Please visit International student support web pages or check our enrolment pages for enrolment information.

  • Why are there delays in my Timetable being finalised?

    We are dealing with several issues this year for enrolment and re-enrolment due to changes we have made in dealing with Covid 19. This included changes to board dates and dates for assessment outcomes, changes for processing enrolments and module choices.

    Please note: Due to the high volume of e-mails being received there will be a delay in student records being updated. Once changes have been completed on a record, it may take a further 3 working days to set up a timetable.

    Please be reassured that we are working incredibly hard to resolve all outstanding queries as quickly as possible.

    I can’t see my Timetable

    The most likely reasons why a timetable may not yet be visible include:

    • A student has not fully completed their enrolment. Only once the correct number of modules / credits has been selected by a student will a Timetable be produced.
    • If a student is newly enrolled then the timetable is still in the system. It takes two working days between enrolling and a timetable appearing online. In the meantime students can check Module Timetables individually from the Student Timetable. Please note it is best to view modules either by week or calendar view rather than by term or all year. Also remember that if a module has several seminars it’s most likely that a student will only be attending one.
    • Timetables will not be produced while there is a live sanction on a student’s record
    • Check there isn’t a problem with the platform you are using to view the timetable. Timetables can be viewed online, via the MyNorthampton App or through electronic subscription. It maybe that one of these services is currently unavailable so check another first to see if the timetable is visible there instead.
    I could see my timetable but now it’s gone

    Check there isn’t a problem with the platform you are using to view the timetable. Timetables can be viewed online, via the MyNorthampton App or through electronic subscription. It maybe that one of these services is currently unavailable so check another first to see if the timetable is visible their instead. If not then contact timetabling at

    There are modules missing from my timetable

    The missing module may only run for part of the year. View the timetable for the whole year rather than by week to check. If a student is retaking modules from a previous year there may be an outstanding module clash (see below)

    Why has my timetable changed and can I change it back?

    Timetables can change right up to and including the first few weeks of term. This can be for several reasons but most likely is to balance seminar groups possibly because a module has added an extra seminar or removed a seminar which is no longer required.  Student can contact Timetabling to see if their timetable can be moved back to how it was before.

    MyNorthampton App isn’t showing my timetable

    If possible speak to someone from IT at the Student Information Desk as it helps to be able to see what the problem is on the actual devise so as to understand if this is an individual problem or a general problem with the App.

    Can I change my timetable?

    If a module runs multiple sessions then Timetabling can look to move a student from one to another.

    The restrictions to this are:

    • If a module does indeed have multiple sessions (not all do)
    • It the other session(s) are available to the student – in other words don’t clash with another module they are taking
    • If there is space on the alternative session as it may already be full.

    Students must complete a Module Change Form and have the request signed by the module tutor.

    Why is there a module clash?

    For Joint Honours at levels 5 and 6 each subject includes multiple designated modules as well as the core compulsory modules. It is therefore not always possible with the weekly standard schedule for all the modules of one subject to avoid all the modules of the other subjects, particularly when a subject has a large number of designated modules. As a result there might be designated modules on the award map which are unavailable to a student due to the modules choices from their other subject.

    If such a clash occurs it in not possible to incorporate it into the award map as in subsequent years the timetable can change again.

    Split level students are likely to find clashes between modules for different levels. This is because the timetable is constructed to work within each teaching level. It would be impossible to construct it around every module combination within the three levels.

    Why are they big gaps during the day? Why is one person’s timetable only for a couple of days in the week and another across the whole week?

    Course award maps contain multiple modules which can be taken in various combinations. As the modules are spread across the week, due to such factors as staff and room availability, some combinations can appear to be better timetabled than others.

    Less favourable combinations may result in module activities taking place at the start of the day for one module and the end of the day for another module, leaving a large period free within the middle of the day.

    Sometimes the gaps are a result of seminar allocation when a module has a large number of students and multiple seminars taking place.

    What is the best way to get in contact with Timetabling?

    Email is the best way to contact Timetabling at

  • What do I do if I have problems with accessing the internet or want to hire a laptop?

    We provide a wide range of access to laptops, printers, scanning and more in various locations at Waterside. We also provide Additional Needs IT facilities.

    How do I access the Wifi?

    You can access our University WiFi network anywhere on campus whenever you want, once you have your username and password you’re good to go.

    If you are unsure of your username or password, our IT Team will help you log on, telephone 01604 893333 or visit our IT student help pages.

  • Who should I go to if I have need support with my studies?

    Please contact your Personal tutor for support with your studies.

    If you have not yet been allocated a Personal Tutor, then please contact your Programme Leader.

    What does my timetable look like?

    You are advised to check your timetable daily for the first few weeks as it can be subject to change. Please go to Student timetables or read the timetable FAQs for more information.

    What will my teaching be like?

    Please refer to your Welcome Pack for information on how teaching will be delivered.

  • Who do I talk to if I need some advice?

    Visit our Supporting You pages on the website and the Student Hub (access available after you have enrolled) for information about how we are here to support you. We have a wide range of support available including:

    • Student Services
      • ASSIST
      • Counselling and Mental Health
      • Financial Guidance
      • International Student Support
      • Student Information Desk
      • Student Support and Advice
    • Library and Learning Services
    • IT
    • Students Union
    • Changemaker
    • Personal Tutor

    If you are unsure which team to contact, then please get in touch with the Student Information Desk on 01604 892833 or

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