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New Students FAQs

  • What should I do before starting my University programme?

    We have prepared a before you arrive checklist for you.

    Where can I find information about when and how to enrol?

    Our enrolment page provides full information on when and how to enrol.

    Do I need to attend a face to face enrolment?

    Yes – all new campus-based students need to enrol at a face to face enrolment session.

    You can find information about enrolment on our enrolment pages.

    When do I need to enrol?

    Enrolment will take place from Wednesday 16 September to Monday 21 September.

    • Weekdays 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm
    • Weekend 9am-4pm
    Where do I enrol?

    Enrolments will take place on the Ground Floor, Learning Hub at Waterside Campus – in the open space adjacent to LH17.

    Enter the Learning Hub by The Market (restaurant) and follow signs to start the enrolment process. Social distancing measures will be in place throughout the enrolment route.

    How do I get to the University and can I park on site?

    There are different travel arrangements suggested for different types of enrolments and arrival on our Welcome and Arrival 2020 page.

    What should I expect at enrolment?

    There will be 3 main areas:

    1. A Meet and Greet team will check your status on the student record system.
    2. If you have not pre-enrolled we will ask you to do so, which will add to your enrolment time.
    3. We will check your ID and print you an ID card

    After we have given you your ID card you will collect a Welcome Guide and lanyard for your ID card.

    After enrolment you will directed to:

    • Visit the Accommodation team if you are moving into Halls
    • Collect a laptop if you have opted for this student benefit

    Find more information on our enrolment page.

    What is pre-enrolment?

    All students are invited to pre-enrol via email. Pre-enrolment is the process to check your details before you enrol. You will also need to upload a copy of photographic identification and a passport style photograph.

    If you pre-enrol prior to arrival it will make the face-to-face enrolment process quicker. For more information visit our enrolment pages.

    What do I need to bring to enrolment?

    Two forms of identification:

    1. Original photographic ID:

    • Valid passport or
    • Valid UK photo driving licence

    (Please note: if you are an international student or a non-British passport holder your first piece of identification must be a valid passport)

    2. One further piece of ID from the following:

    • Credit or debit card or
    • EU ID Card or
    • Non-UK photo driving licence
    What should I do if I can’t attend enrolment sessions between 16 and 21 September?

    We strongly encourage you to enrol at one of the sessions, because you will be able to complete all the necessary procedures at one time and we will have staff available to help. However, if there are circumstances which mean you are unable to enrol at the stated time, please check our New Students pages from 22 September for later enrolment times.

    Can I bring my family and friends to Enrolment?

    Due to the current Covid-19 situation only one additional person will be permitted to accompany students during arrival. Family and friends will not be allowed into the enrolment areas in the Learning Hub and only one other person can assist students with the moving of belongings into halls. If more than one person accompanies a student, they will need to remain outside of University buildings.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this causes however we need to maintain social distancing and ensure the safety of students and staff.

    What support is there for students with additional needs at enrolment?

    If you have a disability, medical condition, injury or other additional need that affects your mobility or ability to queue or manage crowded spaces, please contact ASSIST who can support you with the enrolment process, including alternative accessible routes. Please contact ASSIST prior to arrival to discuss your needs. Email

  • I am an international student. When do I enrol?

    Please visit New International students web pages or check our enrolment pages for enrolment times for international students.

  • What measures have the University put in place to protect against Covid-19?

    Our campus is safe and secure in relation to Covid-19. This includes implementing campus flow strategies (e.g. entry and exit points), cleaning, sanitisation points, signage and screening. It is imperative that all students adhere to government guidance and university requirements should you be studying on campus, living in halls or attending campus. Keep up to date with the latest on our Situation Updates pages.

    I have symptoms so can’t attend an enrolment session

    Please do not attend face-to-face enrolment sessions if you have symptoms, are self-isolating. Please ensure that you complete the pre-enrolment process and email to request a remote enrolment. Please only attend a face-to-face session once your self-isolation has finished.

    If you are due to move into halls and have symptoms and/or are self-isolating then please contact the Accommodation Team to discuss your arrival options.

    I have started my course but I now need to self-isolate. What should I do?
    • Do not attend face-to-face teaching sessions if you have symptoms and/or are self-isolating. Please contact your Personal Tutor or Programme Leader to discuss how you can engage with your studies during this time.
    • If you have moved into halls and have symptoms and/or are self-isolating then please contact the Residential Life team to discuss how we can support you during this period.
    • If you have symptoms, are self-isolating then please do not attend campus (e.g. to attend the library, use facilities) until your self-isolation has finished.
  • What do I do if I have problems with accessing the internet or want to hire a laptop?

    We provide a wide range of access to laptops, printers, scanning and more in various locations at Waterside. We also provide Additional Needs IT facilities.

    Telephone: 01604 893333.

    IT Portal:

    Location: Learning Hub, Student Information Desk

    Open: Monday to Friday, 8am – 5.30pm.

    Student Portal:

    Password Self-Service:

    How do I access the Wifi?

    You can access our University WiFi network anywhere on campus whenever you want, once you have your username and password you’re good to go.

    If you are unsure of your username or password, our IT Team will help you log on, telephone 01604 893333 or visit our IT student help pages.

  • Who should I go to if I have need support with my studies?

    Please contact your Personal tutor for support with your studies.

    If you have not yet been allocated a Personal Tutor then please contact your Programme Leader.

    What does my timetable look like?

    You are advised to check your timetable daily for the first few weeks as it can be subject to change. To find out where and when activities are being held visit Student timetables – check 2020 /21 link going live in early September.

    What will my teaching be like in September?

    Please refer to your Welcome Pack or go to the Situation Updates page for information on how teaching will be delivered.

  • Who do I talk to if I need some advice?

    Visit our Supporting You pages on the website and the Student Hub (access available after you have enrolled) for information about how we are here to support you. We have a wide range of support available including:

    • Student Services
      • ASSIST
      • Counselling and Mental Health
      • Financial Guidance
      • International Student Support
      • Student Information Desk
      • Student Support and Advice
    • Library and Learning Services
    • IT
    • Students Union
    • Changemaker
    • Personal Tutor

    If you are unsure which team to contact then please get in touch with the Student Information Desk on 01605 892833 or


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