WIFI and your password

WIFI connectivity

You can access the University WIFI using the details below.

  • Connect to: UoN_Student
  • Username: ‘Student ID Number’ (this is your eight digit number)
  • Password: This is not your enrolment password.
  • New student login details: your date of birth in six digits (ddmmyy), followed by the first letter of your surname in upper case, the second letter of your surname in lower case and ending with the = symbol e.g John Smith with the date of birth of 11 July 1987 would have the password 110787Sm=

Your password is temporary. To reset your password please visit our password portal and follow the instructions there. Your new password must be 8 characters, include 1 capital letter and 1 number. For example, Today123.

As well as access to UoN_Student WIFI, this password is for:

Forgotten passwords

If you forget your password, please visit the user portal and select ‘Forgot Password’. If you have any problems resetting your password, contact the IT Services on 01604 893333 or visit the IT Service Desk.


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