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Certified Copies

We are currently using electronic stamps and an electronic signature for the Ceremonies and Certification Officer to authenticate documents in the first instance for completing certified copies of documents and verification letter requests. If you request for your certified copies or verification letter to be sent via post as well as email, this will be actioned as soon as we are able to but may be outside of our 4 week service level agreement at times.

If you have a deadline for paper copies to be sent, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can see what we can do.

If you require your documents to be sent to a third party, we recommend you provide us with their email address. This means that we can send them the completed verification directly so that it is sent from a university email address which will add to the authenticity of the verification.

We currently have an agreement with World Education Services (WES) to be able to process requests electronically. Any WES requests we receive will be processed to WES current requirements. Please note that any changes in requirements by WES, may result in a delay to our processes.

If you have any queries, please email

What are certified copies?

If you require copies of your certificate and transcript, we are able to provide a certified copy of your documents. A certified copy is where a former student or third party (with consent from the student) sends clear scanned copies of award documents for us to certify. The copies are then checked for authenticity, stamped and signed by the Ceremonies and Certification Officer. Certified copies can then be posted or emailed as requested.

Please note that we do not hold copies of your certificate and transcript, so you must be able to provide us with a scanned copy for certification. If you no longer hold your original documents, you will be required to purchase replacements before we are able to certify them for you. For further information please see our replacement certificates and transcripts page.

Please note: we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to verify awards conferred prior to 2005. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the verification of transcripts awarded prior to 2005 due to limitations with the records we hold. We may be able to assist with the verification of certificates, however, this will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and we will provide any refunds where necessary.

How do I request certified copies of my certificate and transcript?

There is a £10 fee per request for all certification of documents. The £10 fee covers as many certified copies of your certificate and transcript as you require. You are only required to purchase more than one set of copies if you require them to be posted to more than one address.

Once you have completed your online payment at the link below, please email scanned colour copies of your certificate and/or transcript and any relevant further information to

Purchase certified copies

Once we have received your payment and scanned documents, we should have all of the information required to complete the order so please complete the form with as much detail as possible. We will only contact you should we require further information or encounter a problem completing the order.

If you require a verification letter or form to be completed alongside the certified copies, please see our verification letters page. 

World Education Services Requests

You can purchase a World Education Services request from our online shop. This costs £20 and covers completions of all the requirements for a WES request, including:

  • Certified copy of certificate and / or transcript
  • Completion of WES request form (if required)
  • Stamped and signed envelope seal
  • Postage directly to WES Canada or New York
  • A copy of the verification email to the named student (if you require hard copies, you will be required to purchase additional certified copies separately)

Once you have completed your order, please email scanned copies of your certificate and / or transcript and WES Academic Records Request form (if required) to

Purchase World Education Services request


Certified copies may take up to 4 working weeks to be processed. The 4 weeks starts from the date we receive all information required to complete the process (scanned copies of documents, consent from student etc).

Please note that if we do not receive the scanned copies of your documents or adequate consent to release the information to a third party and the process remains incomplete after 10 working days, your request will be cancelled, and your order will be refunded.

We will endeavour to issue your certified copies as quickly as possible within the 4 working weeks it may take for it to be produced. All requested documentation will be posted by recorded delivery in the UK and by DHL if overseas.

Third party certified copy requests and consent

Please note that orders for certified copies of certificates and transcripts will only be processed if the request is made by the student named on the award documentation or the third party requesting has provided signed consent from the named student. For third party requests, please download and complete our data protection consent form.

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