Tuition fees

We will charge £9,250 tuition fees for UK and EU full-time undergraduate students joining the University from September 2017. This is subject to Parliament approval, which is expected in autumn 2016.

Tuition fees may rise in subsequent years subject to approval from the Government that we meet the criteria in the Teaching Excellence Framework.

Who will be affected?

The increase will be applied to all new full-time undergraduate students, from both the UK and EU, who start a BA/BSc, HND or Foundation course in 2017-18.

I am already studying at the University; will I be affected by the rise in fees?

No. If you started your programme of study with the University before September 2017, you will be unaffected by the rise in fees, and will continue to pay the same amount you’ve paid since you joined the University.

How much is the rise?

Students who joined the University before September 2017 pay annual tuition fees of £9,000. Those joining from September 2017 will pay £9,250 a year – that’s an increase of £250, or 2.8%.

I am worried I cannot pay the tuition fees

Fees do not have to be paid up front. You can apply for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loans Company to pay the fees while you study (eligibility criteria apply). You will only need to start repaying the Student Loans Company after you graduate, and even then it depends on how much you earn. The repayment threshold for all students is frozen at £21,000 until April 2021 – until you earn this amount, you pay nothing.

Why is the University allowed to increase its tuition fees?

If Parliament approves the rise in tuition fees universities can charge, it will allow all qualifying universities to charge a maximum of £9,250 a year. The majority of universities in the UK are expected to charge this maximum of £9,250, but can only do so if its teaching has proven to be high-quality by an independent review. An independent review in 2016-17 found the University of Northampton delivers high-quality teaching.

2017-18 fees



Home/EU Full Time BA/BSc (17/18 starters only) £9,250*
Home/EU HND and Foundation Degree (17/18 starters only) £9,250*
Home/EU 1 year Full Time Undergraduate “Top-Up” £9,000
Year “0” 4 year Undergraduate Programme (Years 1-3 will be charges at the standard UG fee for that year) £6,300
HND and Foundation Degrees started in year 16/17 £8,750
Sandwich/Placement Year £875


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