Boughton Green Road Accommodation

Student Village

We have a selection of accommodation available in the Student Village on Boughton Green Road. We offer single and twin rooms with shared bathrooms or en-suites and complete with halls facilities and services. The rooms are all equipped with network access and WiFi, as well as 24-hour security and a dedicated support team.

Single En-suite

Single rooms with en-suite facilities including shower, wash hand basin and toilet. Communal kitchen. Network access available. Single en-suite halls of residences include Simon Senlis, William Carey, and  Spencer Perceval.

  • Rent per person per week: £101
  • Total rent (assuming 42 week contract): £4,242

Twin En-suite

Dual occupancy flat with one twin bedroom, bathroom and kitchen area. Network access available. Twin en-suite halls of residences include Simon Senlis, William Carey, and Spencer Perceval.

  • Rent per person per week: £82
  • Total rent (assuming 42 week contract): £3,444

Single Studio

Single occupancy open-plan room with kitchenette and en-suite facilities including shower, wash basin, hand basin and toilet. Network access available.

  • Rent per person per week: £118
  • Total rent (assuming 42 week contract): £4,956

Travel and Parking

With a community of around 10,000 students, travel and the associated impacts – congestion and pollution – are a key issue for the University to manage.

To achieve this, the University is working hard to ensure it supports sustainable travel options through its Travel Plan, including subsidised Uno buses. The route 19 service links Boughton Green Road residences with Waterside from around 0530 to Midnight (subject to periodic timetable reviews).  The 19A passes St George’s Avenue during peak hours or you can alight at Waterside and catch the free route 20.  You’ll also be issued with a free Uno travel pass for route 19 as a Boughton Green resident.  We also run a Park and Ride facility to the west of the town.

Limited car parking is available at Boughton Green with strict criteria to manage the supply and demand.  To see if you qualify for a termly permit, please visit the travel and parking page. Where successful,  parking for Boughton Green only is charged at the following rates: Term One (£60), Term Two (£80) and Term Three (£100).  Note you’ll be unable to bring your car to the University campuses.   We also run a liftshare database allowing you to find or offer lifts with fellow students.

The residences are located roughly 3 miles (St George’s Avenue) and 4.5 miles (Waterside) from teaching campuses – a distance that can be easily cycle, some of which is traffic free.  Check the information on cycling and walking routes. 


Don’t worry about bringing all your basic kitchen appliances; you will have the use of the toasters and microwaves that will be provided for you. Don’t forget to bring your own cutlery, pans, pots and bedding.

Cleaning and Laundry

Our Student Village comes with on-site tumble driers and washing machines to get your clothes clean.

A cleaning service is provided for you to help maintain the main corridors and stairwells during term time. You will be responsible for keeping your bedroom, bathroom/s and kitchen communal area tidy and clean.

Internet access

All of the bedrooms in our halls have WiFi and the facility to connect to the university’s ResNET. Network access is free for all residents.

For more information on the facilities that we provide please visit our Halls Facilities and Services page and our Living in Halls of Residence page.

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