COVID-19 Updates: For advice and updates for staff, students, and applicants who may have concerns about the coronavirus outbreak please visit our Situation Updates page.

Accommodation 20-21 arrival information

UK students

When you join us in September, you will move into the room you have selected in your chosen residence as normal. This means that you will form a household with the other students in your flat. These are the people you can cook, eat and socialise with. You may have to distance yourself from your neighbours for a while depending on the guidance at the time, however, you can quickly build a community within your own household. There will be guidance provided in our online Induction that you will complete a few weeks before coming to University; which will have all the information you will need regarding keeping your accommodation clean and how to ensure you keep yourself and your flat safe from COVID-19.

Students staying in university accommodation will also notice there are QR code stickers in their bedrooms and living areas which link directly to our student FAQ’s and the symptom/results forms. A detailed guide on all the measures we’re taking and the expectations placed upon them will also be waiting for them in the accommodation when they arrive.

Hand Sanitiser stations have been installed in key locations to help maintain hygiene when outside of your flat, and signage will provide advice and guidance as you navigate around a building and the campus to help you to keep safe.

For further information on COVID related issues please see our updates page.

Our arrival process will be slightly different this year, with students having the option to book their arrival on one of 6 days, this has been done to ensure we are able to reduce queuing and enable social distancing measures.

If you are returning from holiday from a country that requires you to self-isolate please complete your self-isolation before returning to university.  You will need to complete your online re-enrolment which will allow you to participate in online teaching activities until such time as you can return to campus.  Further guidance about the need to self-isolate and the countries currently covered can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Once you have enrolled or re-enrolled you have access to our Student Hub which has further details on how to report if you have Covid-19 symptoms or receive a positive test for the virus.

EU and International students

We will not be able to offer our usual Meet and Greet service this September, so you must arrange your own transport to Northampton, ideally in advance of travelling to the UK. We have put a range of measures in place for students who are required to quarantine. Please refer to our Covid-19 FAQs, which are regularly updated, for more detailed information.

Please see the detailed instruction for students who may be required to self-isolate by clicking the box at the top of this page.


Isolation guidance for international students


All Students

Social distancing and lockdown

Lockdown rules are gradually being relaxed in the UK and we expect to see further easing of restrictions. Whilst this will be kept under constant review by the UK government, it is hoped that a return to stricter lockdown measures can be avoided. However, should that happen you will be notified of any restrictions that come into force and be expected to comply with them.

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