SEN and Inclusion CPD

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The University of Northampton is committed to working in partnership with local Teaching Schools to provide a comprehensive local offer of SEN and Inclusion Training and Support, drawing on proven knowledge, skills and experience.

We are offering high quality SEN CPD opportunities :

The providers in this SEN partnership offer training and support in the following broad areas:

Leadership of SEN and inclusion

High aspirations and a clear vision of achievement for children and young people who have SEN are essential characteristics of good leadership in any school. Whether you are a SENCO, Inclusion Manager, Governor or Head Teacher in a school you will play a vital role towards the decision-making required to achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable young people. Our aim is to support and inform colleagues regarding that decision-making process, by developing a shared understanding of evidence-based approaches which support more inclusive schools.​

  • SEN Governance
  • Specialist Leaders of Education and Local Leaders of Education
  • SEN Data
  • Provision Mapping
  • Developing CPD in your school

Good practice in teaching and learning for children with additional needs

The Code of Practice (2014) states that ‘High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN (6.37). A personalised continuous professional development pathway will need to be developed for those new to the profession or emerging professionals to build upon prior experience and learning. ​

  • NQT Programme
  • Training Early Years
  • In class SEN Support – Differentiation and working with additional adults
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Observation  as a tool for assessment

Specific Special Educational Needs

Whilst the labels do not reflect the four broad areas within the SEN Code of Practice and the overview of the range of needs that should be planned for, they provide prospective participants with the information that they might need to select CPD opportunities. We also acknowledge the unique abilities of all our pupils and young people and personalised learning for ALL.​

  • Autism
  • Promoting positive attitudes to learning (behaviour)
  • Dyslexia/Literacy/OCR
  • Supporting pupils with early cognitive needs

Current issues with Special Needs Education (including forums and discussions)

Policy changes rapidly in the world of inclusion and SEN and we need to ensure practice responds to these in a proactive rather than a reactive way.  Consequently, across the providers involved in this training partnership there will be a range of training opportunities linked to current and forthcoming systemic changes. The aim is to ensure that teachers and senior leaders in Northamptonshire have clear, unequivocal training and guidance in relation to national policy. In the immediate future, much of this is likely to focus on, or cover issues related to, the SEND Code of Practice. Cross County network meetings for SENCos and specialist conferences. ​

  • Inclusion Network meetings for SENCOs
  • Specialist Conferences
  • Life without levels
  • SEN Code of Practice Training
  • High needs funding advice and support
  • EHC Plan advice and support
  • Research and development – Research in your setting
  • Bespoke CPD

Further details can be found through the following websites:


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