UON Dementia Research and Innovation Centre (NDRIC)


Based in the Faculty of Health, Education and Society, the University of Northampton (UON) Dementia Research and Innovation Centre (NDRIC) is co-led by Professor Jacqueline Parkes and Dr Alison Ward and supported by Dr Jordan Elliott-King.

At NDRIC, we work in partnership with health and social care providers, voluntary organisations, students, and the public to design and develop contemporary and innovative approaches to the provision of person centred community-based care and support for people living with dementia and their carers.

NDRIC aims to be a research, knowledge exchange, and innovation ‘hub’ focusing on early diagnosis, community-based post diagnostic interventions, and social support for people with dementia and carers.

People with dementia want to live normally in safe and accepting communities. Our aim is to bring together researchers, educationalists, and innovators who are interested in actively promoting personal independence, social integration and normalisation. The team at NDRIC will build on their experience and expertise in establishing person-centred community-based psychosocial support networks; diagnostic processes and post diagnostic support mechanisms in young onset dementia; assistive technologies, developing integrated care in community settings; and neurological disease and portable balance measurement.

Underpinning all of NDRIC’s work is a commitment to ensuring the centrality of the ‘voices’ of people with dementia, including those with a younger onset, and carers.

We are currently accepting PhD student applications who are interested in studying within our special interest groups (SIG) below:

  • SIG 1 Dementia-Friendly Campus and Communities
    Led by Professor Jacqueline Parkes

The aim of this SIG is to explore how people with dementia can continue to pursue active citizenship within knowledgeable organisations and communities which appreciate and accept their shared humanity.

  • SIG 2 Personhood and Lifestyle Factors
    Led by Dr Jordan Elliott-King

The aim of this SIG is to investigate lifestyle factors and personhood that impact cognition, overall health and wellbeing of those at risk of developing dementia, as well as those living with dementia and their families.

  • SIG 3 Community Interventions
    Led by Dr Alison Ward

The aim of this SIG is to explore ways of providing evidence-based community support for those living with a diagnosis of dementia and their families/caregivers. This brings together research and innovative practice to support independent living.

Northamptonshire Communities of Practice (NCOP)

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Dementia Digest

Our webinar series is an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in dementia research and practice. This was launched in December 2021 and runs quarterly. To sign up for future talks please contact: alison.ward@northampton.ac.uk

Recent talks have included:

Dementia Projects in the News

  • Professor Jacqueline Parkes

    Professor Jacqueline Parkes

    Professor Jacqueline Parkes, Professor in Applied Mental Health. Her responsibilities within her role as a Professor in Applied Mental Health include leading and co-ordinating the research strategy across all branches of the nursing and midwifery academic teams.

    She works extensively with local organisations to evaluate their provision of health and social care services, including community-based interventions for people living with dementia. She is the Chair of the Northamptonshire Dementia Action Alliance and is a member of the Leicestershire Dementia Action Alliance. Read more about Jacqueline’s research and role at the University on her profile.

    Dr Alison Ward

    Doctor Alison Ward

    Dr Alison Ward is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Education and Society, and is an experienced researcher, with particular research interests and expertise in dementia, creative engagement and wellbeing, and patient and public involvement.

    Dr Karen Anthony

    Karen Anthony

    Dr Karen Anthony, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience, studied biochemistry at the University of Leeds spending one year as a sandwich student at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Essex.

    Dr Kathleen Mortimer

    Dr Kathleen Mortimer

    Dr Kathleen Mortimer is an Associate Professor in Marketing Communications in the Faculty of Business and Law.

    Her research area is in advertising and consumer behaviour. More specifically, she has written in the area of services advertising, integrated marketing communications and advertising regulation and has published in numerous scholarly journals including Journal of Services Marketing, European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Marketing Management.

    Kathleen is interested in the role that businesses can play in increasing dementia awareness for staff and customers and the impact this can have on brand reputation.

    Dr Jordan Elliott-King

    Jordan Elliot-King

    Dr Jordan Elliott-King is a Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Northampton. Having recently completed her PhD at Loughborough University, Jordan’s research includes both quantitative and qualitative methods and her main research interests are physical activity for people with dementia, ageing, dementia diagnostics for individuals with and without intellectual disabilities and designing for dementia.

    Mark Antrobus

    Profile photo of Mark Antrobus

    Mark Antrobus’ roles include lecturer in Exercise Physiology, programme leader for MSc Strength and Conditioning and director of the Sports Science laboratories at the University of Northampton. Mark’s research focuses on sports genomics and molecular exercise physiology with current focus on gene associations with concussion and tendinopathy. Mark welcomes any enquiries with regards to research collaborations.

  • Centre Leadership

    Co-lead – Professor Jacqueline Parkes
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    +44 (0) 7748 647192

    Co-Lead- Dr Alison Ward
    +44 (0) 1604 89 3559
    +44 (0) 7740716551

    Deputy Lead – Dr Jordan Elliott-King

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