China and Emerging Economies Centre

What is the China and Emerging Economies Centre?

The China and Emerging Economies Centre (CEEC) aims to create an interdisciplinary platform to research and engage with China and other emerging economies and their impact on the global economy. It also supports British organisations to engage with China and other emerging economies through the delivery of cutting-edge academic research and consultancy services. The Centre works with other world leading institutions in order to produce valuable research with demonstrable impact.

More details about CEEC can be found on the CEEC website.

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  • View our CEEC Staff page for more information on the team.

  • The China and Emerging Economies Centre has a wide range of research interests. Below are only some selected topics currently under study:

    • Emerging economy multinational firms
    • Global value chains
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Foreign direct investment
    • Innovation and innovation policy
    • Regional economic development
    • Sustainability
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  • More details can be found from CEEC website.

  • More details can be found from CEEC website.

  • Emerging economy multinational enterprises’ acquisitions in developed countries and capability upgrading in their acquired firms (2015-2016)

    This project is part of the bigger effort to examine the impact of emerging economies on the world economy. It is funded by the Leverhulme/British Academy Small Research Grant.


  • Communication and the changing power relationships between headquarters and subsidiaries

    Through a longitudinal qualitative case study of two Chinese acquisitions in the UK, this project aims to reveal the impact of communication on the dynamic evolution of power relations between headquarters and subsidiaries.

  • CEEC works with a range of external partners locally, nationally and internationally.

    Lincolnshire County Council logo

    Helping Lincolnshire County Council and partners to engage with Hunan government of China. This has resulted in a formal a sister-region agreement between the two regions in 2018, contributing to a 112% increase in Hunan’s trade with the UK in 2019, amounting to $1.4 bn.

    University of Sao Paolo crest

    Working with the University of Sao Paulo on research that explores the development of the electric vehicle industry in Brazil.

    Nanjing University logo

    Working with Nanjing University of Science and Technology on an initiative to establish a joint research centre for innovation policies and management.