What is the Centre for the Reduction of Firearms Crime, Trafficking and Terrorism?

The Research Centre aims to:

  • bring together a global network of experts (practitioners, academics and policymakers), in order to develop research questions, projects and evaluations, which provide findings and recommendations that address contemporary challenges in harm reduction related to firearms
  • increase international cooperation in tackling the threat of firearms related crime, trafficking and terrorism
  • increase knowledge and understanding of the challenges of firearms related crime and terrorism through the UN Doha Declaration to Promote a Culture of Lawfulness through primary, secondary and tertiary education systems

Areas of interest

The Centre for the Reduction of Firearms Crime, Trafficking and Terrorism, has research interests in the areas outlined below:

  • The human, social, societal and organisational causes of firearms crime, trafficking and terrorism
  • International responses and cooperation in crime reduction
  • The effectiveness of responses to firearms crime
  • The impact of legislation
  • The use of forensic technology in detecting and reducing firearms crime
  • The role of education in harm reduction

For more information visit the Institute of Public Safety, Crime and Justice website.

Centre Staff

Staff working with the Centre include:

Dr Helen Poole, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Health and Society

Email: Helen.poole@northampton.ac.uk

Tel: +44(0)1604 892309

Mob: +44(0)7739 583863

Dr Simon Sneddon, Senior Lecturer in Law

Email: simon.sneddon@northampton.ac.uk

Tel: +44(0)1604 892456

Dave Hill, Lecturer in PolicingE-mail: David.Hill2@northampton.ac.uk
Professor Peter Squires, Visiting Professor, University of BrightonEmail: P.A.Squires@brighton.ac.uk

Professor Erica Bowen, Visiting Professor, University of Worcester

Email: e.bowen@worc.ac.uk

Working with the Centre

If you are interested in working with the Centre for the Reduction of Firearms Crime, Trafficking and Terrorism please contact helen.poole@northampton.ac.uk.