Research Profile

  • Investigating the Wicked Queen in Contemporary Narratives

    The thesis investigates contemporary representations of the Wicked Queen character, originally from the Snow White fairy tale, in Young adult literature and fantasy film from 1997-2017, taking a gender studies approach.

  • Lorna Jowett

    Professor of Media and Culture

    Sonya Andermahr

    Reader in English Studies

  • ‘Reinterpreting Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent from ‘The Mistress of All Evil’ to ‘The Fairy Who Could Not Fly’ at Vile Visions: Representations of Evil, The University of Southampton 2016.

    ‘Bearing the Mark of the Patriarch, Woman’s Body as Warzone: The Gender Identity of Drusilla’ at ‘Euroslayage’, The 7th biennial conference on the Whedonverses, Kingston University 2016.

    ‘Entering the Matriarchal Space: The Feminine Fantastic: Gender, Genre and Difference’ at the Dark Fantasy symposium, at the University of Northampton 2016.

    ‘Blurring Binaries/ Blurring Butler: Performing Gender in Lisa Williamson’s The Art of Being Normal’ at Investigating Identities in Young Adult YA Narratives, The University of Northampton, 2017.

    ‘Evil has Never Looked so Good: Exploring the Wicked Queen in Contemporary Narratives’, University of Northampton’s Annual Research Conference, 2018.

    ‘It’s Time to Give This Wretched World the Queen it Deserves’: The Wicked Queen in Contemporary Narratives’,  East Midlands Doctoral Network Conference, Bishops Grosseteste University 2018.

    ‘Having Her Own Happily Ever After: The 10th Kingdom as a Sinister Sequel and Revenge (Meta) Narrative for Snow White’s Wicked Queen’, Re-imagining the Gothic With A Vengeance, vol 5: Returns, Revenge, Reckonings’, The University of Sheffield, 2019.

    ‘When Selfhood Dominates the (Sub)Text: Selfhood, Sexuality and the Notion of Becoming in Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe’, Being Human in YA Literature’s, the University of Roehampton, 2019.

  • Anthony is undertaking his PhD part time at the University of Northampton after completing his BA in English literature and MA in Contemporary literature. His primary research interests are gender, leadership and power, fairy tales, postmodern and young adult literature.

    Alongside his PhD study, Anthony is an associate lecturer in media and film studies and is the current Research Student Officer, working as the principal representative for the research student body at the University.

    Anthony has worked on a number of research projects during his time at Northampton, such as:

    • SuCEED@8 ‘Supporting the notion of PGR Community to Collaborate and Emotionally Engage with Digital Shifts at Level 8
    • Exploring the use of the Socratic Dialogue in Teaching and Learning
    • The Changing Face of Northampton’s Racecourse (Heritage Lottery Funded) 
    • Exploring the Ethical Implications of Staff:Student Research Partnerships.
    • Tech4all2: Exploring Digitial Literacy in Higher Education.

    Since 2017 Anthony is the European Officer for the Young Adult, Literature, Media and Culture network and is one of the networks founding members.

    Awards and recognition

    Award for Research Impact – East Midlands Doctoral Network Conference 2018.