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Research Profile

  • An evaluation of the benefits and physiological effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment for muscle recovery, sports performance and injury repair.

    Proposed studies are aiming to address the following:

    1. The influence of age and body fat content on the effectiveness of whole body cryotherapy treatment on recovery from muscle damaging exercise.
    2. The effect of timing of whole body cryotherapy treatment on recovery from sports training and performance.
    3. Comparison of the effectiveness of whole body cryotherapy treatment with cold water immersion for the purpose of recovery from sports training.
    4. An investigation as to whether repetitive whole body cryotherapy treatment has a negative impact on chronic adaptations to training.

  • Anthony Baross

    Senior Lecturer in Sport Studies

    William Ribbans

    Professor of Sports Medicine

  • It is anticipated that the findings of the research can inform optimum practices for WBC treatment, as well as validating the potential benefits in the context of sports training and recovery.

  • Following a background in physiology, Adnan’s main research interests stems around the recovery from (and alleviation of) exercise-induced muscle damage. Previous work has looked at exercise physiology in extreme environments with thermoregulation and muscle damage being recurring themes. For his PhD research, Adnan is keen to explore the efficacy of whole body cryotherapy treatment for the purpose of sports recovery. It is also in his interest to pursue a long term career as a researcher/academic in sports science and to make substantial contributions to knowledge accordingly.