Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise

Knowledge partnerships at UON

We will undertake creative and innovative research to develop new ideas, new ways of looking at things, and new methods or products that have value. The Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and activities at the University bring together industry partners and academic staff to release our combined potential; to unlock and embrace talent, diversity, resilience and adaptability.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme aims to help businesses boost their profitability and productivity. The KTP links businesses with a university and a graduate to work on a specific project, which will enable businesses to grow and be innovative. The goal is to transfer expert know-how and skills into the company and provide new challenges and ideas to the University.

Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The KTP programme is complemented by the Management KTP Programme (mKTP), focused on helping businesses build resilience, adaptability and growth by changing culture or expanding management capability. Find out more on the KTP website.

Business Support

The University of Northampton Business Support team provides a gateway to business support services available throughout Northamptonshire.  We are a team of experienced, accredited advisers with customer-focussed support staff – providing information, advice and guidance to entrepreneurs and businesses at all stages of their development – from pre-start to scale-up.


The University of Northampton offers a range of consultancy solutions for businesses looking for advice and support from experienced professionals.