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Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Degrees and Masters

If you’re interested in the unique nature of the human complex and behaviour, our choice of psychology, counselling and sociology programmes will be best suited for you. An understanding of how the human mind approaches decision-making, exploring their own emotions and analysing their actions is valuable knowledge to those wanting to gain a career in counselling and a profession in the social sciences. Learning about the contemporary world and the way it shapes us is beneficial for those wanting a career in social or educational environments.

Course Structure

You will be taught by a supportive and dedicated team of experts within the working fields of psychology, counselling and sociology. This broad field of study gives you access to a wide range of careers by equipping you with the transferable skills that employers value.

Many of our undergraduate courses in psychology, sociology and counselling include placement modules and optional international field trips where students can further develop their skills and put their learnings into practice in professional environments.

Our psychology courses, accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), provide the opportunity to gain Graduate Basis for Chartered (GBC) Membership, considered the starting point to a career in psychology.

Entry Requirements

Students joining our sociology, counselling and psychology undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are advised to meet the expected criteria for their subject of choice. Detailed information and further requirements can be found within each individual course page, so we highly recommend students take the time to read and understand what is expected of them when applying.

Any international students applying for our courses will need to meet the minimum English language requirement of 6.0 IELTS. Please visit our IELTS page for further details.

You can find guidance on how to apply for international students, undergraduates and postgraduates on our dedicated pages.

Career Prospects

Upon completing your course with the University of Northampton, you will find the skills and knowledge acquired during your studies make you a suitable candidate for a wide range of career paths.

Students graduating with an undergraduate degree in psychology can choose to pursue careers in the fields of health, clinical, forensic and business psychology, as well as counselling and related professions such as human resources, social work and education. Our counselling focused degrees are also an ideal starting point for those considering careers in counselling, support and welfare work, teaching, and mentoring.

A sociology degree with the University of Northampton can equip you for a range of professional opportunities, including those in the areas of education, social research, welfare and governmental roles.

We’re so confident that our psychology, counselling and sociology graduates will succeed in their chosen fields that we offer the Northampton Employment Promise to all students who achieve a 2:2 degree or above and complete one of our flagship awards. If you haven’t found full-time employment within 12 months of your graduation, we’ll secure a three- to six-month paid internship for you or support you into postgraduate study.

Facilities and Research

Our facilities are designed to ensure students get the best out of their studies by offering interactive workshops in our laboratories and specialist suites.

Psychology students can make use of our psychophysiology laboratory, observation laboratory with video control room, sound-attenuated perception laboratory, and individual experimental cubicles. Three specialist psychology technicians are on hand to support you during your practical work.

Alongside our excellent research resources and facilities, our students also benefit from the knowledge and guidance of experienced experts and recognised researchers in their field of study, providing valuable insight from a wide array of backgrounds.

Undergraduate Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Programmes

Get your start into the world of social sciences with our choice of insightful and engaging psychology, counselling and sociology undergraduate courses.

Psychology Degrees

Our BSc Psychology degree gives you the opportunity to explore the nature of human behaviour. During the course, you will focus on major issues and methods of study in the field of psychology and consider its application to modern life scenarios, including education, work, crime, physical and mental health.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BBC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

You will gain an understanding and analysis of the human behaviour, emotions and thoughts with our Psychology Joint Honours degree. By choosing a Joint Honours programme, you can embark on a range of different career paths. These can include educational psychology, clinical psychology, and physical and mental health.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

This well-established criminology and psychology degree course encourages you to further your understanding of human behaviour, thoughts, emotions and development of psychology within the context of crime, social control and social order.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Our specialist Developmental and Educational Psychology degree focuses on educational issues and human development, as well as the general psychology pathway. It is the ideal choice for students seeking to pursue a career in fields such as educational psychology, teaching, research and clinical psychology.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Psychology and Counselling Degrees

Our Psychology and Counselling degree is an ideal introduction to the central concepts of these fields of study. It is one of the only national programmes designed specifically for those wishing to pursue a career in counselling, clinical psychology, or any other profession dedicated to interacting with and helping others.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BBC at A Level or DDM at BTECSociology Degrees

Sociology Degrees

With a sociology degree from the University of Northampton, you will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of the relationship between humans and the societies they live in. This course focuses on academic excellence, exploring the latest methodological implications, questions and professional experiences in the field of sociology.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Our Sociology Joint Honours degree is ideal for anyone with a passionate interest in exploring the issues of the contemporary world and their potential solutions and combining sociology with an interest in another subject. If you are fascinated by the way society operates and shapes our identities, this sociology course could be the right fit for you.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Develop critical insight and understanding of contemporary sociological issues and themes with our Sociology and Criminology degree course. There is a diverse range of specialist areas to explore and training is available in various research methods, along with study into crime, social control and social order within the field of criminology.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Our Joint Honours Sociology and Psychology degree combines two fascinating fields of study to enable you to develop an understanding of contemporary sociological issues and gain an insight into people’s mental experiences and actions through the exploration of human behaviour.

Entry Requirements Typical Offer: BCC at A Level or DMM at BTEC

Postgraduate Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Programmes

Expand your expertise with a postgraduate Psychology, Counselling or Sociology degree at the University of Northampton. If you have a passion for these three core disciplines and the mindset to further your career prospects, our postgraduate programmes are made for you.

Masters in Counselling

A Counselling MSc will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop as a counsellor. Upon gaining further client hours and experience, you will be able to pursue a wide choice of counselling jobs and career opportunities.

Entry Requirements: A first or second class bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

Our Masters in Counselling Children and Young People will allow you to develop upon your skills and knowledge of children’s counselling and supporting young people and their families. The multidisciplinary course promotes an advanced understanding which underpins this vital and rewarding field.

Entry Requirements: A first or second class bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

With a Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) MSc, you will gain a deep understanding of child development. Taught by academics and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds, this multidisciplinary course critically explores the contexts in which children and young people experience mental health difficulties and distress.

Entry Requirements: A first or second class bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

Masters in Psychology

If you do not have an undergraduate degree in psychology but have a keen interest in the subject or wish to pursue a career in the field, then our conversion MSc course is designed for you. While studying for your Masters in Psychology, you will learn practical knowledge and key theoretical perspectives in core areas to equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Entry Requirements: A higher second class honours degree or above. Lower second class honours degree will be considered but may require additional evidence of academic capability. 

The MSc in Applied Psychology has three distinct and separate pathways of study allowing you to focus on Psychology in Business and Organisations, Psychology in Education or Positive Psychology.

Entry Requirements: A minimum of a 2.2 class honours degree in Psychology as well as a GCSE grade C or above in Maths

Masters in Sociology

Our engaging Masters in Sociology course gives you the opportunity to turn your ‘sociological imagination’ into social action beyond the confines of the academy and into communities where applied sociological knowledge and skills are needed. All modules in the Public Sociology MSc programme are approved by the British Sociological Association and are fully aligned to the Applied Sociology Curriculum.

Entry Requirements: A first or second class bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline

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