Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Degrees and Masters

An ideal area of study if you are if you are interested in human behaviour, whether that be understanding how and why people think and act as they do, how humans shape and are shaped by the society they live in or you wish to work in a helping profession such as counselling.

Taught by a supportive and dedicated team of experts in psychology, counselling and sociology this broad field of study gives you access to a wide range of careers by equipping you with the transferable skills employers look for.

Our psychology courses, accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), gives you the opportunity to gain Graduate Basis for Chartered (GBC) Membership, considered the starting point to a career in psychology. You will also have access to dedicated laboratories and computer suites.

Undergraduate Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Programmes

  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
    • The aim of the BSc Pscyhology programme is to explore the nature of human behaviour and experience and the various ways in which they can be studied. The course focuses upon the major issues and methods of enquiry in current psychology and considers the applications of psychology to problems of modern life in work, education, physical and mental health and crime.
  • Psychology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
    • This course provides you with an understanding and analysis of human behaviour, thoughts and emotions. Studying Psychology as a Joint Honours can set you on a range of career paths including Educational Psychology, teaching, physical and mental health and clinical Psychology amongst others outside of Psychology.
  • Psychology (Counselling) BSc (Hons)
    • If you are interested in pursuing a career in counselling, counselling or clinical psychology, or another helping profession where interactive skills are essential, the Psychology (Counselling) degree is one of only a few national programmes that is designed specifically for you.
  • Psychology (Developmental and Educational) BSc (Hons)
    • Psychology (Developmental and Educational) degree is a specialist psychology programme that allows you to focus on human development and educational issues alongside a general psychology pathway.  Ideal if you intend to pursue career areas in and outside psychology, such as educational psychology, clinical psychology, teaching and research.
  • Psychology and Criminology (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
    • This well-established course invites you to combine the understanding of human behaviour, development, thoughts and emotions from Psychology and develop this within the context of the study of crime, social order and social control that is central to the study of Criminology.
  • Sociology BA (Hons)
    • A degree in Sociology allows you to develop your understanding of how humans shape and are shaped by the society they live in. You will explore the latest Sociological questions and methodological implications
  • Sociology (Joint Honours) BA/BSc (Hons)
    • If you have a passionate interest in the problems of the contemporary world and their possible solutions, intrigued by the way our own identities are shaped and moulded or you simply want to know what makes society ‘tick’, then studying Sociology with us may be the right choice for you.
  • Sociology and Criminology (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
    • Through a combination of sociology and criminology, you will develop a critical understanding and insight into contemporary sociological themes and issues. You can choose from a range of specialist areas within Sociology and gain thorough training in research methods. This is then combined with the study of crime, social order and social control that is central to the study of Criminology.
  • Sociology and Psychology (Joint Honours) BA (Hons)
    • The combination of sociology and psychology will enable you to develop a critical understanding and insight into contemporary sociological themes and issues as well as understanding people’s actions and mental experiences, by exploring the nature of human behaviour.

Postgraduate Psychology, Counselling and Sociology Programmes

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) MSc
    • Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) MSc is a multidisciplinary course that aims to develop your understanding of child development and mental health difficulties in children and adolescents. You will critically explore the context through which children and young people experience distress.
  • Counselling Children and Young People MSc
    • Counselling Children and Young People is a multidisciplinary course that aims to promote an advanced level of knowledge and understanding that underpins practice in the area of Counselling with Children, Young People and their families. You will develop your skills and theoretical knowledge of counselling with children, young people and their families.
  • Counselling MSc
    • Counselling MSc provides you with a level of knowledge and skills in counselling which will allow you to develop as counsellors, and once you have gained further experience and client hours you will be able to pursue a range of professional opportunities.
  • Psychology MSc
    • The MSc in Psychology is designed for those without an undergraduate degree in Psychology, who have an interest in the subject of Psychology or are looking for a new career in Psychology. It will equip you with key theoretical perspectives and practical knowledge within some of the core areas of psychology.
  • Public Sociology MSc
    • Turn your ‘sociological imagination’ into social action beyond the confines of the academy into communities where applied sociological knowledge and skills are needed. All modules of the Public Sociology programme are fully aligned to the Applied Sociology Curriculum recently approved by the British Sociological Association.


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