Student Stories

Hanifa took her passion for retail further by studing an MBA at our University and is now co-running a successful online gifts company called GiftsOnline4U.

When we asked Hanifa about her experience at the University of Northampton, and she said:

"The MBA Top Up course at the University of Northampton was fantastic, I’ve learnt a lot as well as being able to put large amounts of what I have learnt into practice. The support provided by the faculty was incredible and really helped me achieve my overall goal."

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Five years after completing his BSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lagos in Nigeria, Debo came to top up his Engineering degree at the University of Northampton- this time at Masters level.

Speaking about his Master’s in Engineering, Debo said:

"The course has given me additional qualifications and life skills which will be attractive to potential employers and clients. It’s equipped me with technical knowledge which I can then apply to real-world situations."

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Ellie enjoyed the University of Northampton experience so much, she decided to continue studying with us after graduating. Ellietold us that her decision to do her MA at Northampton was based largely on the fact that she did her BA here.

Speaking about the Master’s degree, Ellie said:

It allows you to focus further on a specific field of study. The time management needed is also much more intense than on a BA, this allows you to demonstrate time management skills and commitment to a project that requires great focus.”

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Paola in her current role is responsible for recruiting students for the European School of Economics (ESE) and to carry out sales and promotional activities within the UK and overseas.

Following completing her studies, Paola said that she:

“cannot thank the University enough for all the great opportunities it has given me over the past four years. Staff members and work colleagues are all super kind and always happy to help."

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