University of Northampton opens regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

News Page 16th November 2015

The University of Northampton’s International team has recently finalised arrangements for a regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Based in Midvalley, where several other UK universities are located, the office will serve as an information hub for students and a centre for application processing in South East Asia. The team in Kuala Lumpur will aim to increase the number of Malaysian students coming to Northampton every year, and will work in collaboration with other universities in the region.

Malaysia, a multi ethic and multi religious society, is often described as the education hub for South East Asia. The country is ranked 10th globally as a preferred study destination and is host to around 80,000 international students per year. Many of these international students undertake Transitional Education programmes (TNE) offered by UK universities. Around 80,000 Malaysian students opt to study abroad each year, almost 16,000 of which were studying in the UK last academic year. The vast majority of these students opt for undergraduate study and advanced entry is increasingly popular for Malaysian students due to strong ties between the UK and Malaysia education systems.

Nicola Rozi, International Officer for the University of Northampton explained: “The International team is engaged in a competitive race to recruit the brightest and best students from across the globe.

​”The position of our latest regional office in Kuala Lumpur is particularly exciting because it allows our new and existing international staff to be well positioned to strengthen our collaborative partnerships in the region. These countries include Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Japan and South Korea. The new office, with its excellent location, also allows a more facing position to potential students and their parents, which just cannot be achieved from the UK.”

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