University invests over £1 million in PhD research posts

Date 11.11.2015

The total investment of the research posts is £1.1 million, a strategic commitment to new research and knowledge transfer developments for the University fitting in with its targets and future vision. This follows on from the University receiving research degree awarding powers in 2005 and the success of the University in 2008’s UK-wide Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), where it was awarded £5 million in recognition of its excellence in research across a wide range of academic and private sector orientated disciplines.

The University also had its most successful academic year to date in 2008/09 for new contracts for research worth £6.3 million from 54 contracts and £4.1 million from 117 contracts in knowledge transfer, exceeding the previous year by more than £3 million.

Professsor Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor, The University of Northampton, commented:

Our investment in these research posts has a huge potential impact on the economy, both nationally and regionally, and our own development and targets for research recognition and success. The investment is part of our commitment to the British knowledge economy and the studentships will go on to inform our research and teaching, with the knowledge being absorbed back into all of our activities, both within the University and with our external clients.

The studentships will have a major impact on the applicants and their own academic career developments, as well as helping to build stronger academic themes for The University of Northampton in areas where we want to grow our distinctiveness and excellence.

Professor Nick Petford

The 24 studentships, managed by The University of Northampton’s Graduate School in the Knowledge Exchange, are fully funded for three years. They will commence in January 2011. Each of the six academic Schools at the University will add to their current PhD portfolio and applicants will have the chance to work with academics who are leaders in their own fields of expertise, in the following areas:

School of The Arts

  • Performing (for) survival (UN10SURV)
  • Redefining postcolonial cinema: a comparative approach (UN10CINE)
  • Improvisation and the choreographic: challenging the politics of choreography (UN10CHOR)
  • Emerging environment – evolving identity: photographic practice and expanding media (PHOTO
  • Art practice and the site specific in the town and countryside (UN10SITE)
  • Naturalism, modernism and the city – 1880-1930 (UN10CITY)

School of Social Sciences

  • The village shop and rural life in Georgian England (UN10SHOP)
  • Gender, crime and the summary process in 18th century England (UN10GEND)
  • Young people and community tensions in new housing developments (UN10HOUS)
  • Evaluation of mindfulness programmes as coping aids in secondary schools (UN10MIND)

School of Education

  • Parental choice and school placement for Special Educational Needs (UN10SEN)
  • The application of learning mentoring systems in English primary schools (UN10MENT)
  • The role of fathers in the education of their sons at KS2 (UN10SONS)

School of Health

  • Developing safety net information for parents of a sick child (UN10CHIL)
  • Novel genetic factors that predispose humans to soft tissue pathology (UN10PATH)
  • Adaptation of Campylobacter jejuni to chitosan (UN10ADAPT)

School of Science and Technology

  • A 3D virtual system for training of nondestructive testing (UN10NDT)
  • Sustainable sediment management in the Nene River Basin (UN10SEDI)
  • Pollinator conservation in fragmented landscapes: the role of generalist plants (UN10POLL)
  • Modelling waste and resource flows in the East Midlands (UN10WAST)

Northampton Business School

  • Evaluating enterprise ecology projects in Britain and China (UN10ENTE)
  • A critical appraisal of role of corporate governance in enhancing corporate value (UN10CORP)
  • Tesco’s growth strategy: national retailer to the world’s fourth largest (UN10RETA)
  • R&D Investment by Chinese multinationals in the UK(UN10CHIN)

Applications are invited by 12 November 2010. For an application pack, please or telephone 01604 892812 quoting the appropriate reference.