Monday 2 October 2017

photo ctc staff open day 2017

University of Northampton’s nurse and midwife testing centre held an open day last week to celebrate passing a major milestone in the number of professionals examined/passed.

The Competence Test Centre, based in the university’s Innovation Centre in Northampton, have now tested 6,000 nursing and midwifery professionals.

photo ctc staff open day 2017
The Competence Test Centre’s invigilator and assessor staff.

They opened their doors to NHS partners from all over England to look at the stringent conditions examinees are tested under.

The Centre was created to ensure nurses who qualified outside of the UK and EU practice on a level similar to that of their UK qualified peers.

They do this by completing a number of work stations in which their practical, clinical and communication skills are put under the microscope.

These include giving an injection to a mannequin and role playing situations with actors who play patients, with back stories written to see how the nurse interacts with and cares for them.

As closely as possible the Centre mirrors a real NHS hospital, right down to the finer details such as calming colour schemes and the type of art work used on the walls. The staff even give the centre a full NHS ‘deep clean’ at the end of each week.

image photo paul irving ctc open day 2017
Clinical Manager Paul Irving shows NHS partners around the work stations.

Passing the tests means gaining registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, necessary for them to work in the UK.

Paul Irving, Clinical Manager, said: “Any exam can be stressful, so right from the start, we go out of our way to make nurses and midwives feel as welcome, comfortable and supported as possible. Northampton Competence Test Centre is as much theirs as it is ours.

“We are the longest established nursing and midwifery Test of Competence Centre and its important people know we make sure only the safest nurses from outside the UK treat and care for them. We were proud to show our NHS partners around and give them an insight into our standards”.

First opened in November 2014, the centre was then based at our Park Campus but has since moved to its current town location where the testing on offer has developed to match an actual hospital environment.

Although the Northampton Test of Competence Centre was the first such centre in the UK, others have been developed from our model and are based in Oxford, Swindon and Ulster.

Notes to editors

Adaptive IT Solutions, the company behind developing our CTC’s computer and AV system, won the Public Services Category at the recent AV Awards.

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