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Updated 20.10.2021

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Praise for teams who have responded fabulously

Teams have been utilising technology and coping “fabulously” in an ever-changing situation to keep the…

9 June 2020

New research is looking to hear from ‘pandemic academics’ and students

How academics and university students have been coping during lockdown forms new research from the…

3 June 2020

Learning during lockdown. The ‘corona class’ talk about starting a degree online

Butterflies in the stomach, fears they may not fit in and getting lost on the…

2 June 2020

UON’s helping hands during a crisis

From delivering groceries to people in need and coordinating efforts that are supporting vulnerable people's…

1 June 2020

A wall of positivity. Nursing team share words of kindness

Members of the University’s Nursing team have added their words of kindness and encouragement as…

19 May 2020

Northampton asked to share acts of kindness

People across the town and county are being asked to share their stories and suggestions…

18 May 2020

Lockdown/Stay Alert inspiration from the Early Years team

Our Early Years team set their students a task during lockdown, to develop fun but…

14 May 2020

Food for thought with ‘pandemic eating’ research

People's eating habits during the pandemic are providing food for thought in a new piece…

13 May 2020

Past the peak. Moving to a ‘new normal’

Dr Steve O'Brien, Visiting Professor, has been following the developments relating to the coronavirus pandemic…

12 May 2020

More students ‘do their bit’ for the health service

Nearly 300 University of Northampton health students have now joined up to give more hours…

24 April 2020

Science lecturer volunteers time to help during the pandemic

A University academic is juggling daily lecturing duties and his own research with volunteering to…

24 April 2020

University launches #CMHubAction to support the COVID19 response

People across Northamptonshire are coming together to help one another. In support of that effort,…

20 April 2020

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