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Updated 14.01.2021

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The next generation of creative talent: University of Northampton opens its doors for the Degree Show

Soon-to-be graduates from the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology at the University of Northampton…

5 June 2017

High end designer has a hand in selecting students for Graduate Fashion Week Catwalk Show

Luxury designer, Daniel Hanson, was part of the University of Northampton’s judging panel to decide…

4 May 2017

Northampton graduates take their fashion global

Two fashion graduates from the University of Northampton had the opportunity to showcase their designs…

10 March 2017

M&S ‘Autograph’ founder member gives insight into the life of a garment technologist

Fashion students were given an insight into the role a garment technologist plays when one…

25 January 2017

Preparing students for the world of work

Casting directors, actors, designers, fashionistas and media professionals will all be sharing career advice at this…

19 January 2017

Textile designer Amy has her work recognised at New Designers 2016

Budding printed textile designer, Amy Newton, was thrilled to have her work chosen as an…

13 July 2016

Degree Show 2016: Alanna shows her passion for architecture in her pavilion-inspired final project

The Bloomberg Project Pavilion was the inspiration for an Art and Design student’s final year…

9 June 2016

Degree Show 2016: Josie creates a home from home with her art deco inspired textiles project

Josie Tunn’s textiles design project attempts to bring a fresh twist to the art deco…

9 June 2016

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