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Updated 03.12.2020

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Empowering communities is the key to change the futures of disadvantaged young people in the UK

A team of academics from Northampton have submitted written evidence to the Education Committee, urging…

12 October 2020

UON conference explores the student attainment gap

Two academics from the University of Northampton will present their research, which explores the factors…

12 October 2020

£84billion on ice: What’s next for the events industry?

Almost overnight, the Events industry came to a halt, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving…

1 October 2020

FridgeStreet founder named in Santander Universities Emerging Entrepreneurs 2020

Kardi Somerfield, the founder of FridgeStreet, Doctoral student and Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Digital…

30 September 2020

UON experts share their thoughts on the digital workforce of the future

Academics from the University of Northampton, joined digital experts from across the county to debate…

28 September 2020

Coping with COVID-19: New analysis by UON Academic

A University of Northampton academic has published research investigating the impact of COVID-19 on our…

25 September 2020

Mature student gets to grips with the Law

After nearly 30 years policing the streets of London, Dipesh Dattani, still a serving Police…

24 September 2020

The power of a picture sparks an idea for UON graduate

A University of Northampton graduate, Trevor Price, has channelled his wanderlust into the pages of…

24 September 2020

In the news: 4-10 September 2020

The University of Northampton was highlighted by Raconteur for its expertise in teaching hands-on courses…

10 September 2020

Trust is the key for doctoral student Jon

University of Northampton, doctoral student, Jon Maumy, credits his studies with helping him launch a…

28 August 2020

In the news: 14-20 August 2020

Our resident expert Dr Steve O’Brien spoke to BBC Northampton’s Annabel Amos on Tuesday, as…

20 August 2020

Supporting our Community. How we responded to Covid-19

The University of Northampton (UON) invested more than £2.5 million to financially support its students…

18 August 2020

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