Financial forecasting app will help students stay cash positive

News Page 23rd August 2017

A University of Northampton lecturer is developing an app which aims to help students keep their finances in order.

Accounting and Finance Lecturer, Paul Connolly, pictured, has joined up with the Northamptonshire Credit Union to develop the financial forecasting mobile phone app which will help students to make it through their University days in as good financial shape as possible.

“This app aims to give the student an easy to understand graph of their bank balance forecast for the next year, and how much money they’ll have at that point in 12 months,” said Paul.

His hope is that when students habitually look at their spending profile for the ensuing year, they’ll make the best day to day spending decisions.

Paul added: “I’ve been using this model for many years in my own business, and always find the insight of knowing probable financial outcomes very empowering.”

He will road-test the app with students, before completing the final version.

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