Blog: Welcome to our home, it could be yours…for £5

News Page 16th May 2018

Local couple Marty Pumbien and Annie Brown are downsizing and have put their four bedroom home into a ‘Win a House’ competition with a difference. Part of the money raised will go toward funding the University of Northampton’s dementia support centre UnityDEM, located in Northampton.

They’ve blogged about they made the decision and why people should enter, for the chance to win a house for £5.


Well, here we are – finally!

After a couple of false starts, much research, a seemingly endless series of meetings with our solicitors and even more emails to the University of Northampton, we have gone and done it.

We’ve put our home into a ‘Win a House’ competition.

You may have seen some of the coverage in the national press (Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro) and thought: is this for real? Win a £600,000 house for the cost of a MaccyD’s?

We can confirm, after all of the work we’ve put into this, all of the setting up, all of the legalities being thoroughly cross-checked by two teams of lawyers, it is most definitely for real.

It is legit. It is live and, yes, you can win our 4 bedroom home for £5, after answering a simple question about Northampton, the town where we are based.

house competition unitydem abington park crescent

Had we known when we started this process last year, how complex house competitions are and how much work would be needed to get it going, would we have still gone through with it?

Put simply, yes we would. Without a doubt.

Our winahouse competition is a bit different from others you may have heard of (part of the reason it was such a pain to set up!) in that we hope to give a fair chunk of what we raise to charity.

This is the University’s UnityDEM centre, where people who’ve just been diagnosed with a form of dementia can access help training and exercises alongside their family or carers, that needed funding to help support the services it was providing.

As a couple we decided we wanted to downsize and this seemed the perfect opportunity for someone to win a home, which will accommodate a growing family. Whilst also helping people and families with dementia.

So, after what seemed an eternity setting this up, the competition is live and, after answering a simple question, for £5 per entry, you have the chance to win our 4 bedroom, £600k home in Northampton.

If we hit our maximum total of tickets sold, you could help us earn over £1m for UnityDEM.

As Annie has said: “Why should I enter this competition. Perhaps we could turn that around to why not? – You could win a house which you could live in or rent or sell. The cost of care for people with dementia is an average of 35k per person per year. The majority of this is cost is paid for by families. So with the purchase of tickets you could help someone be independent for longer.”

So here we are. One month in to what will be six months of graft as we start saying goodbye to our home of nearly 10 years.

We’ve had some fantastic feedback from people, either on our Facebook page or through the many lovely letters we’ve been receiving from people, so we look forward to meeting the winner soon.

You never know, it could be yours.

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