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Updated 25.11.2020

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Top spot for legal eagle Kerry

Law student, Kerry Cox, has landed a position with Guernica 37 Chambers Academy, a top…

21 July 2020

Law graduate uses personal trauma to inspire career triumph

A University of Northampton Law graduate is using family heartache as her inspiration to catapult…

24 October 2018

Legal eagle Lauren recognised with award from leading law organisation

A commitment to helping people has paid off for Lauren Hamper, who has won a…

1 March 2018

The University of Northampton graduate who is trying to bring Assad to book for crimes against humanity

A University of Northampton graduate has made history as part of a team of international…

29 June 2017

Similoluwa ditches music plans to become one of Nigeria’s leading legal practitioners

Similoluwa Fashanu used to dream of a career in the music industry, with a particular…

11 January 2017

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