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Updated 14.04.2021

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In the news: 5-11 March 2021

Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Win Hughes, spoke to BBC Radio Northampton about how the pandemic…

11 March 2021

In the news: 26 Feb to 4 March 2021

Former Education Secretary, Justine Greening, has recorded a video praising the University for its commitment…

4 March 2021

In the news: 5-11 Feb 2021

Parapsychologist, Cal Cooper, talked about the possibility of an afterlife, when he appeared on Channel…

11 February 2021

In the news: 22-28 January 2021

ITV Anglia covered the news we are beaming thanks to community and health heroes via…

28 January 2021

In the news: 8-14 January 2021

Professor of Biomechanics, Tony Kay, was on primetime BBC1, on Wednesday evening. He appeared on…

14 January 2021

In the news: 1-7 January 2021

Paramedic Science student, Tom Rothwell, has spoken to Ambulance Life about studying during the pandemic…

7 January 2021

In the news: 13-19 Nov 2020

Sport Science student, Andy Abbott, was featured on ITV Anglia, on Wednesday, as he prepares…

19 November 2020

Life beyond COVID-19: What are experts concerned about?

Four academic experts from the University of Northampton have shared their views about what they…

28 October 2020

Spooktacular student launches beastly bingo game for Halloween

A Halloween loving University of Northampton Student, Ashlee Lewis-Earl, has launched a fun alternative to…

7 October 2020

UON experts share their thoughts on the digital workforce of the future

Academics from the University of Northampton, joined digital experts from across the county to debate…

28 September 2020

In the news: 4-10 September 2020

The University of Northampton was highlighted by Raconteur for its expertise in teaching hands-on courses…

10 September 2020

In the news: 14-20 August 2020

Our resident expert Dr Steve O’Brien spoke to BBC Northampton’s Annabel Amos on Tuesday, as…

20 August 2020

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