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Updated 24.11.2020

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Art imitates lockdown life with drama performance

The pandemic may have closed theatres, but canny University Drama students are making sure the…

6 July 2020

Voice conference is back for a second year after striking the right chord with vocal industry experts

Some of the best voices in the Midlands will be coming to Northampton thanks to…

22 August 2019

Working and studying while pregnant doesn’t faze successful student Juanaya

A super-mum from the University of Northampton is living proof that hard work and determination…

25 July 2019

Students investigate car crash aftermath at careers taster day

Students from across Northamptonshire assembled at Waterside today for a taste of higher education during…

12 June 2019

From the wrestling ring to national TV ad fame, Dan fixes his focus on combating prejudice

A wheelchair-using wrestler and star of a national television ad campaign is helping to lead…

19 September 2018

Shakespeare deconstructed, for one night only

A one-off performance of a deconstruction of Shakespeare’s Titus takes place at the University of…

20 April 2018

Drama students work with staff to take a show on the road in whistle-stop tour of county schools

Drama students from the University of Northampton got a taste of life on tour after…

29 November 2017

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