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Updated 28.10.2021

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Science students hit by lockdown catch up on missed lab work

Science students who missed out on laboratory sessions due to the pandemic have been given…

8 October 2021

Blog: Lessons for Covid-19 and future pandemics

Dr Jamal Nasir is Associate Professor in Human Genetics and Genomics and has been following…

10 September 2020

Accreditation gives career boost to science graduates from the University of Northampton

A leading professional body’s accreditation of two University of Northampton science degrees has given a…

21 November 2019

Blog. The medical dream continues – the road to becoming a doctor

Today is international Biomedical Science Day. Led by the Institute of Biomedical Science, the aim…

20 June 2019

Students investigate car crash aftermath at careers taster day

Students from across Northamptonshire assembled at Waterside today for a taste of higher education during…

12 June 2019

Research: Cells’ ability to eat themselves holds the key to treatments for cancer and Parkinson’s

Human cells’ ability to ‘eat’ themselves could unlock treatments for diseases including cancer and Parkinson’s…

15 April 2019

New year, new staff as animal expert joins life science team

The Faculty of Health and Society has added an extra dimension to its Bioscience courses…

9 January 2019

Blog: The Virtual Noah’s Ark

Yesterday, The Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge committed to decoding and recording the DNA of…

2 November 2018

Biomedical expert set to help evolve students’ careers in genomics

A new course in the University’s Faculty of Health & Society means students can look…

24 September 2018

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