Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017

Welcome Weekend is the time when new UK and EU (‘home’) undergraduate/postgraduate students are enrolled onto their courses.


The first thing you need to do at Welcome Weekend is to complete face-to-face enrolment, which takes place at Park Campus. The day on which you are required to enrol depends on criteria set out below.

Enrolment for undergraduate students moving into the following halls of residence will take place in your chosen time slot between 9.30am and 4.30pm:

Saturday 23 September

  • Charles Bradlaugh
  • Simon Senlis
  • William Carey
  • John Clare
  • Bassett Lowke

Sunday 24 September

  • Spencer Perceval
  • Margaret Bondfield
  • St John’s Hall

All students moving into St John’s Hall and Bassett Lowke need to visit Park Campus before they can move into their halls of residence.

If you are an undergraduate/postgraduate student not moving into halls, you are encouraged to enrol at Welcome Weekend on Saturday or Sunday during opening times, by booking an available enrolment slot. Alternatively, you can enrol on Monday 25 September (Park-based courses from the Library) or Tuesday 26 September (Avenue-based courses from MB07) according to the enrolment slot shown on your Welcome week programme. You don’t need to book this – just turn up at the correct time on your course progamme.