Monday 25 to Friday 29 September 2017

Welcome Week gives all new students a full introduction to university life through a series of events and activities designed to help you settle in and get to know your way around campus. Key course induction sessions will take place throughout the week alongside library induction sessions and activities run by the Students’ Union on Monday and Tuesday to introduce the facilities, events, activities, sports clubs, societies and services available to each student. It is really important that every student makes the most of Welcome Week by participating in a range of activities.

The Welcome Week programmes for most courses are now available. We are adding more programmes as they are finalised so if you can’t find your course it will be available soon. Please check the programmes from time to time as we may be adding more activities as we get closer to Welcome Week.

All students are given the opportunity to meet tutors and other new students on their course and take part in induction activities to prepare them for the start of their course, whilst academic advisors will be available in each faculty to answer any questions you may have.

Joint Honours Welcome Week programmes include all activities timetabled for both subjects. If you are studying a Joint Honours degree you must attend the two core subject talks which will happen on Wednesday and/or Thursday. You must also attend an enrolment session at the start of the week (if you have not already enrolled) and a library induction session. Where other subject or Faculty sessions overlap we advise you to attend whichever is most convenient for you.

If library inductions for a subject are split into groups then you should be informed of your allocation at one of your subject induction sessions during Welcome Week or possibly via NILE.

Find your Welcome Week programme.

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