Student Car Parking

From August 2018 there will be limited parking for students across our sites, this comes as part of the planning conditions for Waterside, our ambitious Travel Plan and to reflect the central town centre location and many local amenities at all our sites.

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Blue Badge Holders

Students who hold a local authority-issued Blue Badge are able to park at the University for free, they are eligible to park in any bay across the University sites, except for Electric Vehicle Charging bays and motorbike/moped areas, but they must display their Blue Badge in the windscreen.

Blue Badge holders are still required to register their vehicle in order to gain access to the car parks through the barriers. Students must register with the University’s Additional Student Support & Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST) and apply for parking through them, including providing a copy of their Blue Badge as evidence. Their vehicle details will then be added to the approved vehicle list in order to be given access to the car parks across all sites. Parking in the Avenue student car park (car park 2), Bassett Lowke, Boughton Green Road Halls or Podiatry Clinic car park will require a barrier card for access, these can be purchased from the online shop for £5, a link will be provided on approval from ASSIST.

To register with ASSIST please visit the webpage:

‘University Blue Badge Holders’

Students registered with the University’s Additional Student Support & Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST) can apply for parking if their condition means they are unable to take public transport. This involves completing an application form and providing supporting medical evidence from a doctor.

Students can apply for a ‘University Blue Badge’ if their condition affects their ability to:

  • use public transport,
  • walk or stand for extended periods,
  • attend University without travel assistance, for example –
    • psychological distress as a result of travelling via public transport or to an unfamiliar location, or being without access to independent transport
    • requiring access to a vehicle in order to attend medical appointments and/or leave campus urgently/unexpectedly due to the effects of their disability/health condition
    • requiring access to their vehicle in order to rest in between classes owing to extreme fatigue associated with their condition
    • requiring access to a vehicle in order to store heavy, bulky or multiple items associated with their studies and/or disability, owing to inability to carry large, heavy or multiple items.

Students can obtain an application form from ASSIST or the ASSIST webpages here in August:

If your application is successful, the ASSIST team will pass your vehicle details to the parking team to be added to the approved list for the specified car parks associated with your course, i.e  Waterside or Avenue. University Blue Badge holders can park in staff parking bays but cannot park in Disabled bays, visitor bays, Electric Vehicle Charging bays and designated motorbike areas. University Blue Badge holders residing in Boughton Green Road or Bassett Lowke Halls can also apply for free termly parking there but a one off barrier card purchase (£5) will be required (there is no parking available at other university halls except Blue Badge).

Parking will be awarded for a designated timeframe; a repeat application can be made upon expiration of the ‘University Blue Badge’ if necessary.  This will be subject to reassessment of the student needs and may require updated medical evidence.

For more information visit:


Avenue Car Parking (commuting students)

There is limited parking at Avenue car park 2 reserved for students who’s course is based at Avenue Campus. Students must apply to purchase a parking pass in order to be authorised as eligible. This parking has been made available as there is no direct bus from the park-and-ride to Avenue, whilst students can still use the park-and-ride – travel to the rail station and then change to the free intercampus bus to Avenue at the Sol Central bus stop- it is recognised this will increase the length of their commute.

Students must be based at Avenue in the main in order to be accepted for a pass, to apply students must complete the Avenue Student Parking Pass application form in excel format only and email to: This form will be found in the downloadable documents on the right hand side of this web page once open for applicants (August 2018).

Parking passes are administered in the form of a booklet of scratch cards. To use: select one unused scratch card from the pack and unveil the correct date for your stay using the scratch off sections to reveal the correct date of visit and display in the windscreen. The scratch card covers the date shown from 06:00 – 22:00 Monday – Sunday (no overnight stays permitted).

Individual scratch cards can only be used once. A booklet of 20 cards can be purchased for £20 meaning parking is £20 per 20 stays (£1 per day), to reflect both part time and full time students and mirror the park-and-ride bus costs for students based at Waterside.

As well as purchasing a book of scratch cards as and when, students will need to purchase a barrier card for a one off fee of £5, to gain access to the car park. Barrier cards will be valid for the whole academic year and will not relate to enforcement. Penalty Charge Notices will be issued if a scratch card is invalid or not present, regardless of whether a student has a valid barrier card.

Postcode restrictions apply, students whose home address is within 5 miles of Avenue (as determined by the AA route Planner) are not eligible to apply for a parking pass, unless they are approved by ASSIST, in which case they can apply for free parking outlined in the University Blue Badge section above.

The barrier card will only allow access to the specified car park, car park 2 at Avenue, and the scratch card is only valid in this car park.

All applications will be processed and all applicants will be informed if they have been successful or not in accordance with the timings set out below:

Academic Year Applications accepted Response from Parking Team Online shop open Permit validity
2018-2019 August 18 – May 19 10 working days from receipt of your application Opens on the 24th of each month – closed once all passes have gone (first come first served).
24th August – September passes
24th September – October passes.
Any 20 days between 1st September 2018 – 31st July 2019.

Typically, barrier cards and scratch card booklets will be available to collect two working days after payment has been made from the Quinton Building at Avenue. Payment must only be made on approval of a successful application, scratch cards that have been purchased and displayed in windscreens will not be valid if the vehicle has not been registered via the application process.

Purchased but uncollected, barrier cards and scratch card booklets can be refunded within 7 days of purchase.