The Student Support and Advice Team can offer you friendly, professional and confidential advice and guidance during your studies. If you are struggling on your course, have had a change of circumstances, are experiencing life events that are affecting your ability to study or are thinking of leaving the University they support you and can be contacted by emailing:

The Student Support and Advice Team can:

  • provide a space for you to come and talk confidentially about matters that are impacting upon your wellbeing and performance at University
  • help you to consider your options and make an informed decision about changes to your programme of study, such as taking a study break or transferring to a different course
  • help you to understand our academic rules and regulations, including advice on extensions to submission deadlines and mitigating circumstances, module choices and resits
  • support you in managing the pre and post-results period, including helping you to understand University processes and the options available to you
  • provide students who may wish to withdraw from their studies with the full range of options available to them to ensure they are making an informed decision
  • provide information on facilities and services available at the University and signposting you towards any additional support you might require.  We can also help you to access these services.