Every student at the University of Northampton is assigned a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). Your Personal Academic Tutor will usually be from your main subject area and may teach you in one or more of your modules.

Your PAT is responsible for overseeing your academic and personal progress during your course. You can go to your PAT for academic advice and support with any problems that you may have.

Your PAT can direct you to other sources of help and support across the campus. This could include general help on University life, through to some of our more specialist services including financial guidance, welfare and health and well-being. Our staff in each of these areas work together to provide you with a comprehensive support team who can help you with the transition to University and throughout the duration of your studies.

You will meet with your PAT early in the first term and at arranged times during the year.

Your educational and emotional wellbeing is very important to your PAT, so you can go to them with any concerns or questions.