Targeting Students for our Opportunities

If you are identified as a WP or NCOP school we have worked with the Local Authority to identify students within your school who are our target students for our different opportunities. To be able to report accurately to the government departments that provide us with our funding, we ask schools to prioritise children and students from these particular areas to a ratio of 60/40.

  • WP activities: Polar 3 Quintile 1 & 2 and Indices of multiple deprivation 0 – 40%
  • NCOP opportunities: Polar 3 quintile 1 & 2 and Gaps Quintile 1& 2

The local authority will send a list of children that fit these criteria within your school in late July, following the May census and in December, following the October census, via an AVCO file which your data manager will be able to access

DfE identified disadvantaged students (DS) may not fit these criteria completely so please refer to the list the LA send via AVCO file for the most accurate list.




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