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Supporting students through Clearing 2019

We hope the information below will help you to prepare for results day, and support students should they find themselves in Clearing. If you still have questions or any students with more complex circumstances please just get in touch using the useful contacts and links section below.

  • Students who already know their grades can call our Clearing hotline now and potentially be offered a place for September 2019.

    Students who are awaiting their results, but aren’t confident that they will meet the conditions of their offers can also call our hotline – at this stage they will be able to discuss their options with our admissions team and will need to call back on results day for a formal offer once their grades are known.

  • How do students know they are in Clearing?

    Students will know whether they are in Clearing by checking their UCAS Track status. It will state ‘You are in Clearing’ or ‘Clearing has started’ if this is the case.

    If students have achieved slightly lower grades but their Track status shows neither of these it may be that their results have not yet updated or that universities are still considering the application in light of their results.

    In what circumstances can students use Clearing?

    Students can go through Clearing if:

    • They didn’t receive any offers (or none they wanted to accept)
    • They didn’t meet the conditions of their offers
    • They have declined their firm choice university using the ‘decline my place’ button in UCAS Track

    What courses are available through Clearing at the University of Northampton?

    We won’t be able to confirm exactly which courses are available until results day, however, below is a list of just some of the courses that had spaces available through Clearing in 2018. Students are encouraged to call on the day to find out if their course is available and what the entry requirements will be.

    The courses that are available will change throughout the day. Students should call as early as possible.

    Please note that some courses will still require successful completion of an interview.

    Advertising and Digital Marketing Accounting and Finance Business (all areas)
    Childhood and Youth Computing Creative Film, Television and Media Production
    Criminal and Corporate Investigation Criminology Dental Nursing
    Early Childhood Studies Economics Events Management
    Fashion Fashion Marketing Fashion Promotion and Communication
    Fine Art Games Art Games Design
    Games Programming Graphic Communication Health and Social Care
    History Human Bioscience Illustration
    International Development International Business International Relations and Politics
    Law Marketing Multimedia Journalism / Multimedia Sports Journalism
    Psychology Photography Popular Music
    Social Care and Community Practice Sociology Social Work
    Sport and Exercise Science Sport Coaching Sport Development and Physical Education

    When can students call the University of Northampton?

    Our Clearing hotline opens at 7am on Thursday 15 August 2019 and from 8am students will be able to speak to an academic colleague from the department they are calling for. This means that by the end of the phone call students will have detailed information about the course so can make an informed decision and not only can we make sure that students are right for us, but also that we are right for them. As mentioned, students can call before results day to discuss their options.

    Is there anything students need to do before calling?

    Students will need to have the following information to hand when calling:

    • UCAS ID
    • Clearing number
    • Details of relevant qualifications, including grades
    • Details of any projects or modules that may be relevant to their application
    • Up-to-date contact details

    Encourage students to reread their personal statement, if they are able to, before calling, in case they are asked any questions about why they want to study the course in question.

    It’s important that students find out as much as they can about the course too, especially if they are particularly looking for certain elements such as accreditation and placement opportunities. Encourage them to have a few questions prepared so that they are under as little pressure to remember everything as possible.

    Will students who apply through Clearing receive the same as other students?

    Students who come to us through Clearing will be treated in the same way as any other applicant. They will still benefit from the most comprehensive student support package in the UK, which includes a free laptop and free sports and societies, as well as the Northampton Employment Promise.

    When can students visit the campus?

    We are holding an Open Day on Saturday 17 August, which students can register for on our Open Day page. We will also be running tours for any students who can’t make that date. Tours can be booked on our Campus Tours page or by emailing

    Will there still be accommodation available at Northampton?

    We still have halls of residence available on our off campus Student Village and a very limited number still available on campus*. However, this will also change throughout the day, so is another reason for students to act as quickly as possible. The accommodation team can be contacted on or by calling on (01604) 892248 or (01604) 892249, and will also be available to speak to on our Open Day on 17 August.

    *correct at the time of writing, contact the accommodation team for up to date information.

    What if a student has changed their mind?

    Instead of applicants having to contact and wait for their chosen university or college to release them in to Clearing, applicants can now do this themselves, saving valuable time. Self-release is available to all placed applicants in Track.

    In these instances it is important to remind students that, depending on their choice of course and institution, there is a chance there may not be spaces available elsewhere. Also highlighting that if they decide to revert to their original plan after all, the University may have filled the place they left behind and their place in Halls may have been reallocated. The only exception to this is if students choose to use Adjustment, more information on that can be found below.

    How is a student’s finance application affected?

    This will depend on whether the student is applying for the first time through Clearing, or is amending a current application. Student Finance have a designated web page with information for Clearing 2019.

    What is Adjustment?

    Students can use Adjustment if they would like to shop around for an alternative university choice, having met and exceeded all aspects of their offer, with the safety net of their original option. Using Adjustment means that students can hold their original Firm choice for up to 5 calendar days before deciding whether to stuck with it or pursue an alternative.

    More information can be found on the UCAS website.

  • Students can only add one choice at a time through Clearing once they have permission from the university.

    They need to click ‘add a Clearing choice’ and fill in the details given to them by the university. This counts as definitely accepting an offer and if the university confirms, will then show as an acceptance in Track. If the university does not confirm students will be able to add another choice.

  • Clearing usually remains open for up to a week after results day, but this entirely depends on which courses still have spaces available. Some courses will still accept applicants until the start of the new term, others will close within hours.

    • Reassure – some students will be understandably disappointed to not achieve the grades they needed, and to others it may be less of a surprise, but going through Clearing does not mean it’s all over. Below are some success stories that may help
    • Be realistic when discussing the course, university and accommodation options that a student may have available to them to avoid any additional stress at a later date
    • Encourage them to visit the campus if they can
    • Remind them that time is of the essence. Whilst it is not a decision to be rushed, it’s important that students don’t waste any time in contacting universities and run the risk of a course being full by the time they call
  • The links below will take you to a just a handful of cases where applying through Clearing has been incredibly positive for our students in a variety of subject areas:

  • Below are some useful links should you or the student you are supporting require any further information.


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