Partnership provisions

The University of Northampton offers a range of partnership provisions with external organisations delivering and designing courses globally through such partnerships.​

Articulation arrangements

An articulation arrangement is where a programme that has been designed, delivered and assessed by an external organisation is approved as a progression, direct entry or advanced route to programmes delivered by the University of Northampton. This arrangement involves matching the external organisations programme against the programmes delivered at the University of Northampton in regards to content and level of study.​

Associate College

The University recognises an Associate College relationship with another organisation on the basis of it being an embedded college sharing services and facilities on the University campus, enhancing and extending the student experience and being fully integrated into UN’s regulations, policies and procedures.

Collaborative (joint) delivery

Collaborative delivery is when the University of Northampton and a partner institution together design and/or deliver a programme that will lead to an award from the University of Northampton. This usually comprises a programme of study that is delivered by staff from both institutions.​

Franchised programmes

A franchised programme is where all or parts of a University of Northampton programme are also delivered and assessed in an institution other than the University of Northampton. It may be that one year of a two year programme or individual modules are part of the franchised programme.​

Joint, dual or multiple awards

Joint awards are awarded by two or more awarding bodies. Dual and multiple awards are separate qualifications that are awarded by each awarding body that are involved within a joint programme.​

Progression arrangements

A progression arrangement is where a programme that leads to a UK nationally recognised award may be formally recognised as appropriate for entry, or entry with advanced standing, to specific programmes at the University of Northampton. Progression arrangements typically are in relation to UK professional or accrediting bodies.​

Support provider arrangement

A support provider arrangement involves collaboration where both learning facilities and support are offered to a group of student by another organisation. The support provider is not involved in the teaching or assessment of students. Support provided as part of the arrangement is not connected to the achievement of programme learning outcomes.​

Validation s​ervice

The University of Northampton is able to provide a validation service which may validate a whole programme or a particular module which is developed by and taught at another institution. The University deems this programme or module to be of an appropriate standard to lead to an award from the University.


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