Office of the Vice Chancellor

  • Vice Chancellor – Professor Nick Petford DSc
  • Chief Operating Officer – Terry Neville OBE
  • Executive Dean – Professor Ann Shelton Mayes
  • Waterside Project Director – Bob Griggs
  • Waterside Academic Project Manager (and Director of Student and Academic Services) – Jane Bunce

Also located within the Senate Building are the Clerk to the Board of Governors and the Clerk’s Office, the OVC Support Team and part of the Waterside Project Team.

Clerk’s Office

Office of the Vice Chancellor Support Team

Waterside Project Team

  • Olivia Haslam
  • Sadie Janes
  • Mark Dean

OVC shares the Senate Building with Jane Bunce’s Personal Assistant, Katie Sneddon and the Waterside Project Accountant, Donna Davidson.

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