Register of interests – Annual Data Collection

The University undertakes an update of its Register of Interests each year and as part of the financial year end processes collections information of a range of staff, governors and others with influence on the University’s activities.

The annual Declaration of Interest form collects information relating to commercial and other interests and activities, including company directorships, as well as material about any other charities of which someone is also a trustee. This Register of Interests provides colleagues making procurement decisions with awareness of possible conflicting interest and is used also within committee discussions to limit risk of inappropriate influence. The Clerk’s Office holds a list of those required to complete the Declaration, which is normally as follows:

  • all staff employed by the University operating a procurement card or who have responsibility for procurement activity
  • anyone affiliated to the University through honorary positions
  • members of the Board of Governors and University Committees
  • others as designated by the Board of Governors

The current year’s Declaration of Interest form is available for download and there is also guidance on completion provided. Please contact the Clerk’s Office or the Head of Procurement for any queries on the process or its outcomes.

It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that their entry on this Register is current and properly reflects their personal circumstances.  “Nil” responses are also required in order to ensure that a full and accurate central database is maintained.


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