Charitable Information

The University as a charity

As a Higher Education Corporation, the University has “exempt charity” status, which derives from the Charities Act 1993 (subsequently consolidated in the Charities Act 2011). Exempt charities benefit from charitable status but are not registered with the Charity Commission.

The University is subject to regulation by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) which, since 1 June 2010, has been the principal regulator of those higher education institutions (HEIs) in England that are exempt charities. As an exempt charity regulated through HEFCE the University of Northampton is required to publish on its main website a page that constitutes a gateway to specific relevant information.

Charitable purpose

The University is an exempt charity under the Charities Act. The University’s charitable purpose is the advancement of education.

In the context of this purpose, the University’s mission is Transforming lives and Inspiring Change.

Constitutional documents

The constitutional documents of the University are are the Instrument and Articles of Government, the Bye-Laws, and the Scheme of Delegation.

The current Articles came into effect in May 2013. The previous Articles and Instruments that came into force in 2007 and 2005 respectively are available to download.

The University was granted taught degree awarding power in 1993 and gained research degree awarding powers and University status on 25 August 2005.


The members of the University’s Board of Governors are also the Trustees of the University as a charity.

Available here are details of other charity trusteeships held by members of the Board of Governors:

  • Liam Bligh – Chair of Students’ Union Trustee Board
  • Frank Jordan – Northampton Symphony Orchestra (Trustee)
  • Nick Petford – Daventry University Technical College (Trustee)
  • Nick Petford – Silverstone Academy Trust (Trustee)
  • Nick Petford – Universities UK (Trustee/ Board Member)
  • Nick Petford – UnLtd (Trustee)
  • Nicholas Robertson – Mental Health Matters – Trustee Director

See the Board of Governors page for further information about members of the Board of Governors.

Title and correspondence address

The University’s official legal title is The University of Northampton.

The University’s correspondence address is:

The University of Northampton
University Drive

Queries relating to constitutional and charity-related matters should be addressed to the Clerk to the Board of Governors at the above address or via


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