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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to attend International Welcome Programme?

The aim of the International Welcome Programme is to provide you with practical information about living and studying in the UK and in Northampton. The programme provides a fantastic opportunity to meet students from all around the world before starting your studies, making the process of settling into UK more enjoyable and relaxing.

Download our Getting Started Guide for more information.

Why do I need to update University about my arrival?

We encourage you to provide information to about your arrival to the UK in order for us to ensure that you have all of the information that you need. This also allows us to prepare for your arrival, provide you with our emergency contact details and to prepare a Welcome pack for you, as well to ensure that you are able to collect your halls of residence keys (if applicable).

How will I recognise a staff member from the University of Northampton at the airport and where will they be based?

A member of our Welcome Team will be located in London Heathrow terminal 4. They will be wearing a hoodie with the University of Northampton logo on it and they will be carrying a University of Northampton ‘Meet and Greet’ sign.

Do you offer an International Welcome programme?

The International Welcome Programme at the University of Northampton is organised to welcome you to the university, meet new people and settle into your new surroundings. Each year we welcome students from all over the world and even if this is your first time in the UK, we hope that by the end of this first week the University of Northampton will feel more like home.

Can I work during my studies?

Croatian Nationals

If you are a national of Croatia we recommend to apply for a yellow registration certificate if you want to work while you’re a student in the UK.

Please note you can apply for the certificate after you arrive in the UK.

Tier 4 (General) Students

As a Tier 4 (General) Student studying in the UK, your visa will state whether you are allowed to work and the number of hours you are permitted to work. It is very important that you do not exceed the working hours on your visa as this will result in you breaching your visa conditions.


Hours permitted to work per week term time

Pre-sessional English and Foundation programmes Up to 10 hours
Undergraduate Students Up to 20 hours
Masters Students Up to 20 Hours
PhD Students Up to 20 hours

Please note that students are permitted to work full-time during vacation.

Do you offer English language support for international students?

The Faculty of Business and Law offers workshops and one-to-one tutorial sessions that focus on English grammar. The workshops are offered to all students and will help you to improve your use of language in your written work.

Speakeasy is a University volunteering programme supported by the University established to help International Students practice, improve and become more confident in spoken English.

How do I get an NUS (National Union of Students) Card?

NUS extra is a student discount card that gives you over 200 UK student discounts and comes with a one year free International Student Identity card (ISIC) with over 42,000 international discounts. For further details on how to apply for your NUS card please go to the NUS website. You will benefit from discounts for items such as cinema tickets, clothing, DVDs and travel.

What is the weather like in Northampton?

average temperature graph for Northampton


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