International Orientation Timetable

Activities for June 2022 Starters

Welcome to the University of Northampton. Below are timetables for all of the activities we have on offer for you to join in this June.

How do I join an activity?

Most of these will be delivered online and available to access at your convenience. For the live sessions they will be offered online, via a virtual platform called Collaborate. To book yourself on any activities please visit our Event Brite page and select your chosen activity to register. You will then receive a confirmation email and a link to join the session on Collaborate (if applicable).

To access the virtual session, you should:

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer that has a Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser installed and make sure they are up to date.
  • You will need a good, reliable Internet connection. Close all other websites and programmes on your computer. If your Internet is slow, you may need to ask others in the household not to use the Internet for high-demand activities at that time.
  • You will need speakers or preferably headphones to hear the speaker.
  • If you have a problem with sound or video, leaving and re-joining the session usually fixes a lot of issues.

In your own time

If you are looking for something to occupy your time, we have put together a list of interesting links and various activities. These are not live sessions and can be enjoyed at the time that suits you!

Please look at our videos on our Orientation page, which covers: Student Support and Advice, English Language Support, Employability, Healthcare, and Money Management.

Residential Life

The Residential Life Team also organise events. Please follow them to see what is happening:

Academic skills

A lot of excellent tips on academic skills, how to manage your time and how to succeed while studying online:

Things to do

Visit the UK from home:

Healthy body, healthy mind:

Art, Fashion:, Sport, and Politics

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