Important things to do before your course starts

We understand that as an international student it can be a daunting experience to come and study in another country, so we have put together this list of important things to do before your course starts.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the International Student Support Services team.

  1. Arrange accommodation and pay deposit. Please see our Accommodation pages for guidance. If you have not made any arrangements for accommodation (either with us or elsewhere), you must NOT travel.
  2. Pre-enrol online for your course (details will be emailed to you).
  3. Complete our Arrivals Notification form.
  4. Arrange your travel insurance and check your luggage allowance.
  5. If you are travelling from outside the UK please check the UK travel guidance prior to your arrival in the UK.
  6. Check what you must declare at customs when you enter the UK.
  7. Research UK living costs to plan a budget and bring enough cash to cover your first few days in the UK.
  8. Pack the following documents in your hand luggage for your journey:
    • a valid passport
    • decision letter to collect your BRP card from the Post Office
    • face coverings and hand sanitiser
    • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card (Student Visa students only)
    • a valid visa or UK Entry Clearance
    • an air ticket
    • CAS Letter (this can be printed or you save this on your phone as confirmation)
    • sponsorship letter (if applicable).
  9. Save the following contact numbers on your phone:
    • University Security 0044 (0) 1604 892269 (anytime)
    • Student Information Desk 0044 (0) 1604 892833
    • ISSS 0044 (0) 1604 893113
  10. Relax and have a safe flight


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