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Undergraduate/Postgraduate Research Bursaries at Northampton (URB@N)

URB@N stands for ‘Undergraduate Research Bursaries at Northampton’. It is a scheme offering opportunities for current undergraduate students (and taught postgraduate students) to participate in a pedagogic research project taking place at the university. The premise behind URB@N is facilitating opportunities for staff and students to work together in partnership to explore learning and teaching issues for the benefit of the student experience.

University of Northampton staff, from all academic faculties and professional services departments, are invited to bid for an URB@N student research bursary enabling them to work in partnership with a student on a pedagogic research project.

The scheme can provide staff with the valuable resource they might require in order to undertake such research. In addition, student involvement in scholarly research can add valuable additional insight to the student voice not easily accessed using other means – generating real authentic data with the potential to impact on teaching and learning practice and hence the student experience.  For students, participating in ‘real world’ research through the scheme is a great way for them to get valuable work experience, develop new skills and make a meaningful contribution to their university and the experience of fellow students. A core feature of URB@N is staff and students working and learning together to facilitate educational enhancement. This reflects wider interest in the higher education sector about student engagement through partnership working.

Each year there is a designated amount of funding allocated to the scheme. Staff are invited to propose projects that they want to supervise, and students are selected to be researchers on those projects. Student researchers will receive a £500 bursary to support their involvement in the research project.

We are pleased to announce the call for 2021-22 URB@N applications. The URB@N Staff Application form 2021 is found here. The deadline is Tuesday 2nd November 2021. Complete applications should be e-mailed to Rachel Maunder (rachel.maunder@northampton.ac.uk) by 5pm Tuesday 2nd November.

Detailed information about the scheme and how to submit an application is provided on the URB@N website. Please contact Rachel Maunder (rachel.maunder@northampton.ac.uk) with any queries about the scheme.

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