Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund 2017-2018


The ILT Learning Enhancement and Innovation fund 2017-18 has funded 15 projects. All the projects started in November 2017, and will be completed in July 2018. Find out more about each project from their project blog below:

  1. Assessing the barriers to student engagement with Discussion Boards in an Active Blended Learning module, Kate Exall, FBL
  2. Student retention (The lecturer’s perspective), Phil Bowen, FBL
  3. Engaging students with skills development through Active Blended Learning, Daniel Jones, FEH
  4. Narratives for transition, Qian Zhang, FEH
  5. Exploring diversity in psychology through Active Blended Learning -informed patchwork assessment practices, Charlotte Dann, FHS
  6. Communities of Study – sharing work-based experiences, Julie Jones, FEH
  7. Learning without teaching and without content: exploring the extremities of active learning, Rob Farmer, LLS
  8. Creating community: improving module engagement through real-time communication, Liz Coulter-Smith, FAST
  9. Hong Kong summer camp and Changemaker, Brenna Farrow, FEH
  10. Yes we listen, but do we hear? Unlocking the EWO Student voice, Simon Sneddon, FBL
  11. Stats Mentor: Evaluating the impact of peer learning for research methods, Roz Collings, FHS
  12. Increasing understanding of Active Blended Learning amongst Psychology students, Roz Collings and Rachel Maunder, FHS
  13. The Implementation of Active Blended Learning: What effect has it had on teaching and teaching quality at UoN? Gil Ogilvie-Johns, FBL
  14. Evaluating a self-efficacy engagement and retention strategy in the Foundation Study Framework 2017, Michelle Evans, FAST
  15. Supporting Community to Collaborate and Emotionally Engage in Digital Shifts @ level 8 (SuCCEED@8), Cristina Devecchi, FEH