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Call for Proposals: Learning Enhancement and Innovation Bids 2020-21

ILT is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals: Learning Enhancement and Innovation Bids 2020-21.

University of Northampton staff from all academic faculties and professional services departments are invited to bid for funds that will enable them to run projects in the field of pedagogic development, research and innovation.

For this round of funding, we would welcome projects that address one of the following areas:

  1. Improve BAME student attainment through, for example, the decolonisation of the curriculum, addressing unconscious bias, creating inclusive classrooms.
  2. Embed Changemaker and social innovation into curriculum and practice.
  3. Enhance the integrated learner support model and its implementation.
  4. Involve students as co-creators of new forms of ABL.

The deadline for submission is Monday 21 September 2020.

Detailed information about the Call and how to submit a proposal is provided in Call for Innovation Bids 2020-21.

Innovation projects funded in 2019-20

The ILT Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund 2019-2020 has funded 13 projects. All the projects started in November 2019, and will be completed in July 2020. Find out more about each project from their project blog below:

  1. Student engagement: holistic mapping to better understand and support subjectivities of student experience. Rachel Dubsky, FHES
  2. Using the perceptions of Deaf/HI students at UoN to inform student progression and delivery of ABL. Helen Trory, FHES
  3. Professional artistry leanring resource for end-of-life hospital nursing care. Peter Stuart, FHES
  4. TECH4All #2 – e-cologies of digital learning. Cristina Devecchi, FHES
  5. How can online tools enhance group work? Helena Beeson, LLS
  6. Improving the relationship between attainment, retention, progression and continuation of BAME Art and Design students. Gavin Douglas, FAST
  7. Virtually Ready: The impact of Virtual Reality (VR) on student knowledge acquisition, application and retention in policing scenarios. Jessica Ritchie and Damian Hiscocks, FBL
  8. The impact of teaching BAME and other targeted groups using radical collections. Daniel Jones, FAST
  9. From clinic to classroom, and back again. Cath Kenny, FHES
  10. Implementation of a fair group marking and student scoring scheme based upon separate product and process assessment responsibilities. Suraj Ajit, FAST
  11. An investigation into BAME attainment, exploring the factors that impact on low grades of BAME students at UoN. Nathan Dodzo, FAST
  12. STEM Buddies: A pilot changemaking scheme to improve UG students’ employability skills and primary school children’s interest in STEM subjects. Josephine Chen-Wilson, FHES
  13. Developing PG researchers’ critical thinking, reading and writing skills through object-based learning. Qian Zhang, FHES
  14. Active Transparency in Establishing Student Expectations of studying at the UoN. Kelly-Ann Cannon, FBL