How can I become an HEA Fellow?

If you are already in a position to be able to evidence sustained impact and influence on the learning and teaching practice of others, for example over a period of three years or more, you could consider moving quickly to an application to be a Senior Fellow.


The primary mechanism for course redesign at Northampton is through the CAIeRO workshop. If you would like help with any aspect of course redesign – from a 1:1 session looking at a particular aspect of your module or programme (for example, Learning Outcomes, storyboarding, assessment practices etc), through to a full collaborative design workshop (the CAIeRO), then why not book one today.

Academic Integrity

The University of Northampton supports the development of students’ academic practice. This is achieved through collaborative academic integrity campaigns sponsored by the Students’ Union and Student and Academic Services, and through Academic Integrity Officers (AIOs), who provide support across the Faculties. ILT also facilitates an Academic Integrity Working Group which comprises members of academic and professional services staff from across the Institution who are interested in this area of practice.

The Assessment and Feedback Portal

Assessment and Feedback is not only crucial for students, it is also one of the key tasks for any academic to engage with well. While the approaches to assessment may be similar between different institutions, the associated practices typically are not. The Assessment and Feedback Portal supports sound academic practice by bringing together guidance around three key areas: Policy and Procedure, Design, and Practice.

Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund

University of Northampton staff from all academic schools, faculties and professional services departments are invited to bid for funds that will enable them to run projects in the field of pedagogic development, research and innovation.