Thursday 13 July 2017

Person putting a tick in a box for success

On 5th July 2017, following extensive consultation, the University of Northampton Senate approved the proposals emerging from the 2016-2017 Review on Assessment. The review was conducted by the Assessment and Feedback Matters group, chaired by Dr Rachel Maxwell, Head of Learning and Teaching Development in ILT. The proposals ensure that the University processes and policies around assessment remain fit for purpose and comparable across the HE Sector.

The video below provides an overview of the changes:

The agreed proposals have been designed to:

  • Increase academic ownership of assessment practice
  • Create a more facilitative framework
  • Reduce the assessment burden on students to support retention, progression and student attainment, without losing academic rigour
  • Align assessment volume with practice across the sector
  • Rationalise the number of Programme and Module Learning Outcomes

Full details of the changes can be found under the Useful Information section on the Academic Information page of the University staff intranet (UoN staff only), along with all relevant paperwork, guidance and new Programme and Module Specification templates.

Work to realign programmes and modules to the new provisions will take place for all undergraduate programmes during the 2017-2018 academic year, ready for implementation across all levels of undergraduate provision from September 2018. The same process will follow for postgraduate programmes the following year. Approval of realigned programmes and modules is devolved to Faculty Quality and Standards Committees using a process that has been specially agreed for this work. In other words, the standard Change of Approval process will not be used to implement these changes. Details of this process are also available in Tundra.

Staff with questions about the proposals and how they are to be implemented should speak to their Programme or Subject Leaders in the first instance. General questions about the new University Modular Framework (UMF) provisions should be sent by email to Rachel Maxwell in the first instance.

The headline changes will be communicated by the University to all stakeholders including students, partner institutions, external examiners and PSRBs by the end of July 2017.