Tuesday 20 February 2018

Academic Integriy is honesty

This form of cheating is unacceptable and every university should have strong policies and sanctions in place to detect and deal with it … Essay mill websites threaten to undermine the high quality reputation of a UK degree so it is vital that the sector works together to address this in a consistent and robust way.

Jo Johnson, 21 Feb 2017

Contract cheating is increasingly becoming an issue of concern across the UK HE sector, particularly following the recent publication from the QAA: Contracting to Cheat in Higher Education – How to Address Contract Cheating, the Use of Third-Party Services and Essay Mills.

But contract cheating isn’t always easy to spot and, even if you do suspect it, it is notoriously difficult to prove. Consequently, Robin Crockett – Reader in Data Analysis and Academic Integrity Officer in the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology – has produced a series of tips to help support module tutors facing situations of suspected contract cheating.

Robin is also heading up a small group of academic colleagues who are interested in considering how the University should respond both to the QAA report and to the growing number of students engaging in contract cheating. If you are interested in getting involved, please do get in touch.

Finally, did you know that all the following resources exist to help students understand the importance of academic integrity?

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