Thursday 23 March 2017

Two members of staff working on a tablet device

It is always difficult to match workshop dates to staff availability, but a lot of workshops have recently been cancelled due to small numbers.   We are therefore piloting a different approach to this, one in which we start with, and plan around, participant availability.

Within this approach the intention would be to gather names of staff wishing to do a given workshop, and then workshop facilitators contact interested staff to identify suitable dates and times.


  1. Please go to the link here.
  2. Choose the C@N-DO Workshops you would like to attend between now and July 2017 by entering your name in the space in the yellow column (column 4).
  3. Please enter names by 31 March.
  4. Workshop facilitators will then contact interested staff with Doodle links, to identify suitable dates and times.  Workshops will only run with viable numbers, but we will do our best to accommodate staff availability.


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