Monday 11 September 2017

Student copying work written on their hand

This new version of the UNPAC course … was really useful in refreshing my memories about academic integrity and misconduct. (UoN student)

We are excited to be able to announce the launch of UNPAC 2017 – a brand new resource to support students with developing good skills around academic practice in order to avoid grounds for a referral for academic misconduct.

UNPAC 2017 – the University of Northampton Plagiarism Avoidance Course – is divided into 3 sections:

  1. What is ‘academic integrity’?
  2. What is ‘academic misconduct’?
  3. How do I avoid academic misconduct?

This resource will give students the confidence and tools to help improve their academic integrity over the duration of their studies. It is a standalone module with short, engaging activities on all aspects of good academic practice, including finding and choosing quality resources, plagiarism and time management. As well as developing students’ knowledge and skills in these areas, it also gives guidance on the academic misconduct process at the University. Students can complete the whole module, or focus on individual sections as required. Upon completion of all three sections, students can download a certificate of completion.

While originally intended to operate a bit like a ‘speed awareness course’ for students found to have committed academic misconduct, the course can actually be used in a preventative manner aswell.

The resource has been developed by Learning Development and the Students’ Union, in consultation with colleagues from across all academic faculties. For more information on the resource, please contact the Learning Development Team.

The creation of UNPAC 2017 enhances the University’s suite of resources to support academic integrity. For other useful resources, please see our Academic Integrity web area.

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