Thursday 18 February 2021

Do you ever wonder … about what decolonisation means for L&T@UoN? …. So do we!

Join us for 1 hour a month, 16.00-17.00, with a coffee, a tea, maybe something to eat, and let’s work together to develop our ideas of what the Northampton ‘flavour’ of ‘Decolonisation’ might be like

Discovering Issues in Decolonisation is a seminar series with a difference, organised by the DELTA working group (Decolonising Education – Learning, Teaching and Assessment).

  • The focus is on discovering what ‘decolonisation’ might, and should, mean for the unique character and mission of the University of Northampton.
  • Each month the seminar will explore an issue, posing a question about some aspect of what decolonisation means for Northampton.
  • Speakers will explore two different aspects of that issue, sharing teaching experiences, research findings, work done with students
  • There will also be plenty of time for questions, discussion and debate

Here are the details for the first two meetings:

Wednesday 24 February 16.00-17.00 : Do you ever wonder …

… what the experience of the black students at UoN is really like, and how they experience our campus, our learning + teaching, our town?

… what you might be able to do, perhaps as lecturer, as PT, or as programme leader, to enhance a sense of ‘belonging’ amongst your ethnic minority students?

Led by Patrice Seuwou, Nathan Dodzo + Gemma Boaden


Friday 19 March 16.00-17.00 :  Do you ever wonder …

… how students from other backgrounds are excluded from or disadvantaged in your classes?

… how you can support students who are excluded, oppressed or suffering micro-aggressions whilst encouraging students who dominate to work more collaboratively and inclusively?

Led by Nick Cartwright + Dilshad Sarwar