Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

Date: 15 May 2018, 9:30-17:00

Venue: King’s Park Conference Centre, Kings Park Road, Northampton NN3 6LL

Theme: Removing Barriers to Inclusion

Keynote speakers:

Keynote 1: Dr Omar Khan, Runnymede Trust

Title: Inclusion and race in Higher Education: attainment, progression and retention


Racial inequalities in higher education are longstanding. Both policy and demographic changes have led to some renewed focus on race, but it is unclear whether proposed responses will go far enough in tackling both historic and current racial inequalities. My presentation will outline the evidence, and also suggest some possible measures or responses to tackle racial inequalities in higher education.

In my presentation I will first outline some of the evidence on race in higher education. I will summarise evidence on access, attainment, progression and retention, noting the different outcomes for different ethnic groups as well. I will suggest how these various outcomes are linked, and reinforce one another, for example how the BME student attainment gap causes and will continue to reinforce the BME representation gap among academics.

In addition to presenting data I offer some explanations as to why these racial inequalities persist, including wider issues of culture, curriculum and university management. By way of a conclusion I will suggest different ways that university decision-makers and higher educations policymakers could better tackle racial inequalities.

Keynote 2: Prof. Richard Rose, Faculty of Education and Humanities

Title: Challenging Exclusion: Promoting Equity and Inclusion for All

Abstract: Recent international agreements which have led to the Education for All Goals, have been instrumental in promoting debate around what it means to be included in education at all levels. Whilst the UK has a record of developing policy for the promotion of equal opportunities and rights, there remains a challenge for many young people who continue to be denied access to appropriate learning opportunities. In this session I will consider some of the factors that lead to exclusion and marginalisation and propose those practices that may be adopted across the education sector in order to promote a more equitable education for all learners.

Full conference programme is available here.